Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yankee #%$HOLE!

This confirms my strange suspicion that many Yankees are a bunch of liberal jerks bent on making our world as miserable as possible.

"The government is all powerful and I will prevent our citizens from obtaining more jobs and enjoying deliciousness because I disagree with the fast food owner's personal convictions!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time To Step It Up

I realize I'm probably not speaking for the majority with this post, but I like Mitt Romney.  He's bright, has proven himself in countless endeavors, understands the economy, and is what many greedy Wall Street Journal Republicans like myself have been waiting for for a long time:  a libertarian capitalist who doesn't really waste time on the social stuff.  Ten times better than McCain and probably better than Bush too.

Having said that I think he's running a shoddy campaign right now.  He's letting the Obama people write the narrative and is reacting to everything.  Playing defense for the next three months simply ain't gonna work when half the electorate is already black, hispanic, or stupid.

The truth is that Bain Capital and firms like it are incredibly productive for our economy.  Creative destruction boosts productivity by buying up inefficient companies, destroying the wasteful jobs there, and replacing them with ones that actually create value.  As callous as it sounds, outsourcing is very good for the economy as well.  It lowers costs and frees up resources at home.  We need a candidate who can articulate these things.  And unlike Bush and McCain, we actually have one this time around.  The trouble is he's been too timid thus far to enunciate these points.

Good VP pics:  Marco Rubio, Chris Christie
Bad VP picks:  Condi Rice and anyone associated with the Bush Administration