Saturday, December 22, 2007

BC vs. Calvary

Today at 2:30 in the Wiley Wilcox gym on Savannah State's campus. If you're in town, plan on attending.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Transplanted Northerner Has His Say

This letter to the editor was in today's paper.

Colloquial pronunciations annoying

Hey, Savannah! If you are going to study DeRenne, how about studying how to pronounce it correctly? It is a French word. It is not pronounced "Du-ran" or "Da-ran" it is pronounced Day-Ren-Nay (three syllables). While you're at it Whitemarsh is not pronounced WHIT-Marsh but WHITE-marsh, there is a silent e in the word making the "I" long, not short.

Yes, I know that is how you say it around here, but it makes y'all sound ignorant, not quaint or cute.

James Martin

This guy is an idiot. DeRenne is a family name and Whitemarsh is one word. Maybe to an outsider, pronouncing these words the way we do might make us seem ignorant, but his pronunciations make him sound like an uptight, transplanted yankee with nothing better to do than complain.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Voting Begins

...and will continue until midnight on New Year's Eve.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Man of the Year: Stephen W. Bruce

Why? I'll give you two reasons (in chronological order).
Honestly, who's had a better year than this guy?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Man of the Year: Michael A. Reardon II

Now, I know what all of you are thinking. Michael Reardon? Are you fucking kidding me? But here me out.

After moving to Jacksonville in January, Mike has become the best under-5'8" corrugated box salesman in northeast Florida. His not-at-all-awkward small talk has not only enhanced his career, but has also translated into success in the bedroom. Throughout 2007, Mike has juggled numerous girlfriends, many at the same time. From doctors to Gator fans, Mike has conquered them all with his cuddly smile and suggestive pick-up lines.

Mike also deserves consideration for getting tickets to the Tech-ND game for Hank and I.

Mike was born in San Antonio, TX on June 23, 1982. He moved to Savannah at the age of 2 and has been a "Burnside Man" ever since. At St. James Catholic School, Mike excelled in hustling and being clumsy. After graduating from St. James in 1997, Mike enrolled in Benedictine Military School, ushering in the third generation of Reardons at BC. While at Benedictine, Mike participated in the Chorus, Key Club and Student Government as LTC Owens' Homeroom Representative. During the spring of his senior year, Mike took a nasty spill in C-Wing, shattering his jaw and getting blood everywhere.

It was during his time in the hospital, following his accident and related surgery, that Mike discovered his love of attention. Look at me, I tripped over this football on the floor. Look at me, I'm so drunk. Look at me, I have a small cyst on the back of my skull that caused me to blackout while walking in C-Wing and shatter my jaw and get blood everywhere. It is this love of attention that has made Mike the man he is today.

Mike matriculated at Georgia Southern University in the fall of 2001, rooming with BMBS blogger Joe. Being the charitable person that he is, Mike brought in a Georgia Tech dropout the following year and nursed him back to health. During his college career, Mike became the punchline of many jokes and memorable memories. He starred as a two-sport standout for the Your Mother intramural sports dynasty. He got sooooooo drunk just about every weekend. And he tried to start numerous fights, including one particular incident when he chased after a girl that had just flashed her tits for a dollar for everyone at the "Marvin Pyramid House" to see. Mike's legacy at GSU, however, will be the night he passed out at Campus Club, only to be lit on fire minutes later by Lee McCurry.

Lastly, Mike's poetic tongue has inspired many a Facebook quote over the years. I will leave you with a few of Mike's more tasty morsels to chew on.

She's so hot, she could melt down the Varsity.

I want to get into her garden.

It's not your fault, Colonel. Pink Floyd didn't do that shit to your face.

Michael Aloysius Reardon II
2007 BMBS Man of the Year

BMBS Man of the Past Two Years: Rick Schwarz

I realize this nomination lacks any real imagination unlike the previous two, but I felt it would be a disservice to many of our contributors/readers who have clamored for Rick's re-nomination to not put him up again. Another reason is because Joe and I made a deal that if I put Rick up he would put up an equally interesting candidate that we all love here at BMBS, whose identity you will soon discover.

I mentioned last year that 2006 was Rick's last full year at Georgia, but actually 2007 was, so in some way he is more deserving of the award now more than ever. A seasoned veteran of Athens nightlife, Schwarz's downtown connections range from bar owners/tenders to the entire Georgia backfield. Whenever the football team shows up at Bourbon Street or General Beauregard's, they are always happy to see Rick and communicate with him through an unspoken code of Ric Flair gestures and free jager shots.

But it is worth nothing that Schwarz's influence will soon expand past the confines of the Classic City: as of this month he is also a talented Grady College of journalism graduate who will soon be making major contributions in the world of sports broadcast media. Wouldn't be surprised to see him on WTOC on even Sportscenter one day. But regardless of the fame and fortune that comes Rick's way, you can be assured he'll never forget his Bourbon Street roots.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Man of the Year: Kevin Hagan

My nomination for 2007 BMBS Man of the year goes to Kevin Hagan.
Some of his credentials include:
Graduate of BC and UGA
Attends Sacred Heart Church
Member of Ancient Order of Hibernians (maybe not officially)
One of the more well known and outgoing Irish Catholics in Savannah.
Indie Rock enthusiast
Beginning in 2006 and continuing into 2007, Mr. Hagan hit the streets.....literally. Like Forrest Gump, one day, he just started running. To his credit, Kevin lost quite a few pounds through his excursions, and recently completed a half-marathon in Atlanta. He should parlay his new figure into a new lady friend, but I digress.
The day of this half-marathon coincided with the UGA-Florida game, where I personally witnessed Kevin doing the worm in a bar in Buckhead to celebrate. You will find no shame in those eyes.

One drawback to Kevin's nomination is his stance as a staunch democrat. I once had to tackle him onstage at a Wilco show, as lead singer Jeff Tweedy had gotten the crowd quite riled up with his liberal rantings. In a drunken stupor, Kevin rushed up there to defend his honor. This lean to the left seems to be a Hagan tradition, which we should not fault him for in this contest.

What say ye?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Box of Chocolates

If anyone is looking to get me anything, don't get me one of those boxes of randomly assorted, unmarked chocolate candies. They are outdated, impractical, and downright disgusting.

Sure, there's simple ones in there containing combinations of normal ingredients such as peanuts, caramel, nougat, etc. However, mad scientist concoctions of vomitous quality are also thrown in.

Someone sent a box of chocolates to our office and, going against my better judgment, I sampled one. Hoping for some chocolatey/peanut-buttery treat, I instead bit into a dark chocolate covered blob of Vicks Vaporub filled with black olives and sardines. No shit.

I spit the revolting "candy" into the garbage. Never again. I'll take a Reese's Cup any day.

BMBS Man of the Year: Tim Blackston

Before I begin lobbying for Mr. Tim Blackston as BMBS Man of the Year, I'd like to credit the ever elusive and mysterious "calvary fan" for inspiring me with this idea. I was struggling with my nomination. I was going to go with Justin Timberlake, but I figured that even as a half-serious nomination it wouldn't even go over for laughs. But, seriously, Justin Timberlake is awesome. No joking about that. But, with calvary fan's joking suggestion, I actually think I've found a gem here.

I first met Mr. Blackston during my middle school days at ol' Calvary Baptist. He was a very straight-laced type of fellow and kind of intimidating, but because he was so young for a teacher, I could tell he was cool. It wasn't until a few minutes ago when I saw his current age - 35 - that I realized he was just 23 when he taught me and was my homeroom teacher (no match for Mr. Bill Curley, though). But who wants storytime? Lists are so 2007.

Why I believe Tim Blackston is BMBS Man of the Year:
-He graduated from BC.
-He disregarded faculty policy by hooking up with another (and older) Calvary teacher and ended up marrying her.
-He graduated from The Citadel, where he also played baseball.
-He shops at the Wilmington Island Publix.
-He interviewed for BC's head coach vacancy last year (seriously).
And most importantly:
-Instead of bringing grief to our football program, he disemboweled Calvary's, valiantly leading their team to a combined 2-17 record for the past two seasons. He was recently relieved of his coaching duties.

Thank you for believing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Forum: 2nd Annual Man of the Year Contest

I want feedback from everyone:

- First, should we even do this at all? I don't think it's worth doing unless there are at least 4 or 5 nominees. Last year was perfect, but I get the feeling this year it will simply be just 1 or 2 people nominating while everyone else sits back and tries to act "cool" or "busy."

- Second, if we do it, should we allow previous nominees to be renominated or should it be like the Grammies or Academy Awards where each year is a different year w/ different people? There are pluses and minuses on both sides here.

- Third, voting. Joe, you mentioned you wanted American Idol-style voting. Not being an avid follower of that show, I don't know what that means. But I guess what it boils down to whether we allow unlimited voting per computer or a one-man, one-vote system. I have a feeling that if we allow unlimited voting then Ron Paul will somehow end up being Man of the Year, and we don't want that to happen. Again, let me know what ya'll think.

TC the Viking

You've probably seen this Snickers commercial before, but watch it again and pay attention to the Viking's facial tics when the pilgrim tells him they are out of Snickers. This is the exact same look that a drunk TC Madison makes when it takes him a minute to register someone's comment that he finds stupid or shocking. Actually, he sometimes does this when he's sober, too. It's like having a little piece of TC in my living room every 20 minutes.

Monday, December 10, 2007

BMBS Man of the Year, 2007

It's that time again, the time when we must select the BMBS Man of the Year for 2007.

This will follow the same format as last year. Pat, we're going to need another poll. I think American Idol style voting should be done this year. If nothing else, it will keep our hit-counter spinning.

Nominations must be in by Friday. Voting will begin Monday, December 17 and will end 11:59PM, December 31.

I know we've all got a good idea who should win, but let's get those nominations in anyway. Pictures and a short essay are required.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Hate Huckabee

Over the last month or so, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has surged in the polls. He's now first place in Iowa and second nationally. This is all great news except for one small problem: Mike Huckabee is by far the worst candidate in the GOP field.

He's essentially the John Edwards of the Republican party - he uses populist sentiment to justify government intervention in the economy and in our personal lives. He thinks we need a nationwide ban on smoking, and that new guidelines should be enacted to ensure Americans exercise and remain healthy. He has no respect for the concept of federalism and the responsibilities of individual decision-making, instead favoring a top-down command and control structure.

He raised taxes countless times in Arkansas (more than Bill Clinton, by some measures). He's an opponent of free trade and has said as president he will take the necessary steps to "preserve the middle class" by "creating good-paying jobs here." As I've said a million times on here, presidents don't create jobs, businesses do. But who cares, right? As we've seen, economic fallacy is typical and key when campaigning for president or any public office. But usually, such fallacies are preached by those on the left, not the right. This is what surprises me.

So this all begs the question, how in the hell is this guy leading in Republican polls? If this man's stand on the issues is no different than John Edwards, how is this possible? Huckabee's candidacy truly demonstrates the fractures that have emerged in the GOP over the last 7 years or so. "Values" voters have taken over much of the party while free-market libertarians have largely been left behind and alienated.

To be fair, I agree with these values voters on most things (abortion, for example). I'm not just some yuppie Patrick Bateman Wall Street Republican that says to hell with values and fetishes property rights and markets merely because they are a way to make everyone rich. Quite the contrary: I support private property rights because they are the foundation of civilization and are a necessary means of keeping Leviathan in check. I support markets because they allow decisions to be made at the local level by those on the ground who actually know what's going on, instead of some out-of-touch and idealistic Washington politician trying to re-make society.

So this is where Huckabee and many of these values people go wrong: they are unhesitatingly willing to implement big-government, federal solutions to advance their agenda. They are fine with big government so long as it's their big government. This is a serious problem and will only serve to drive true conservatives like me further away from the party should Huckabee win the nomination.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Can Feel Your Anger

This quote I saw in the AJC really raised my eyebrows. I'd really like to read y'all's responses to this (that includes you, Only in America guys).

"Hawaii should not be playing in the Sugar Bowl. They should be playing in a bowl where they belong.

"The BCS Championship Game. . . .

"The truth is, the SEC doesn't play anybody of note. The conference has perpetuated this myth of invincibility by refusing to play anybody of note in the non-conference schedule, then living off the legend of being a tough conference. But the truth says otherwise when the SEC ventures outside the South, because they get beaten badly. Kind of like the Confederacy."

— Adam Rank,'s The Fanhouse

Monday, December 03, 2007

Suck It Up

Alright Bulldog nation, we have had 24 hours to bitch and moan about something that we didn't even deserve in the first place (there should be an official BCS rule that if you loose to South Carolina then you are automatically out of the title game). We are playing in the Sugar Bowl, and it is against one of the most exciting teams that I have ever seen play. I keep hearing this talk about boycotting the Sugar Bowl. You deserve to have your Dawghood(I thought Pat would like that one) taken from you if you do that. If I didn't have to be at work on Jan. 2nd, I would be "blacked out" in New Orleans crankin' my soulja boy up and down Bourbon Street. We had three freshmen on the o-line this year. Enjoy the hell out of getting to a BCS bowl.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dear God...

To be continued...8pm tomorrow.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Why I Despise the Daily Show

Watch this clip first. All of it:

Now I realize this is just a comedy show. But this is just one in a thousand of segments Stewart has done that attack conservative stances on positions without providing his audience or viewers any remote semblance of the opposing rationale behind those stances.

It's one thing to mock the president. It's a natural and even a healthy part of living in a Democracy where we are blessed with the right to free speech. We all laughed when Clinton was mocked for his sex life, and similarly I laugh at Bush's inability to speak the English language.

But it's quite another issue to mock conservative policies without providing a single ounce of objectivity providing viewers with the rationale behind them. By taking tiny soundbytes out of context Michael Moore-style and ignoring the reality of the actual debate that is going on in Washington, Stewart successfully convinces his audience that Republicans are anti-poor and anti-children.

Again, Bush (who, much to my own chagrin, has actually spent the last 7 years expanding the welfare state more than any president since LBJ) vetoed the Democratic version of the SCHIP expansion because it would have unnecessarily expanded medical care to middle-class kids, most of whom already have private health insurance. This would prompt many parents to switch them to free government-run care, crowding out market incentives and essentially leaving the door wide open for the implementation of socialized medicine across the board. Bush was actually the original one pushing for expansion of the bill, but only to children living below the poverty line (hence his "poor kids first" quote). From watching this clip, you wouldn't have the slightest idea that this was the case, because the segment lacks any notion of objectivity and is instead bent on making Bush look ignorant, oblivious, and insensitive.

I guess the reason for this is that objectivity simply isn't funny. It wouldn't get ratings or laughs from brainless college kids. Statistics show a rising number of politically active voters get their news solely from this show. If that's the case, then we have serious problems.

Smug Alert: 11-30-07

Today in Orange County, California, residents will begin drinking recycled sewer water. That's right, The Orange County Water District has turned on their new system which purifies sewage into drinking water.

Not surprisingly, there was little uproar in the community; no one in Orange County thinks their shit stinks anyway.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Have Officially Lost All Respect for CNN as a Network

Don't get me wrong, I've long been frustrated with CNN ever since it moved its headquarters from Atlanta to New York and started drifting to the left to counter Fox. Anyone forced to watch "debate" shows like Lou Dobbs Tonight or Crossfire for more than, say, 30 seconds, will know what I'm talking about. But last night was the last straw; I simply can't watch this network anymore.

For those of you out of the loop, CNN hosted a "Youtube" debate last night for the Republican candidates. A month ago or so, they used the same format for the Democrats, and it worked well: undecided liberal/Democratic voters would submit questions via Youtube for the Democratic candidates to answer, with CNN selecting the "best" questions, thus helping Democrats decide who to support.

Last night, one would think an equal format would be followed: undecided conservative/Republican questions would be used to help distinguish the Republican candidates on their positions, which is really the whole point of the primaries. One small problem: many of the the questions chosen by CNN were from Democratic supporters, not Republican ones.

So instead of helpful questions meant to evaluate each candidate's conservative credentials (some examples: "who has the best plan to overhaul the tax code?," "who's the most pro-life candidate?," "how will you reform Social Security?" or "do you think free trade is good or bad for America?"), we got a slew of planted non-questions meant to take a general swipe at the GOP as a party and that served no journalistic purpose: "Do ya'll really believe every word of the Bible?", "What do you think of the Confederate Flag?", "I'm Gay. Why should I support Republicans?", "The Death Penalty: What Would Jesus Do?", "You want to spend tons of money on national defense but what are you gonna do for black neighborhoods?", "I'm a retired general, and I'm gay. Why can't gays serve in the military?", "Would you sign a federal law that would criminalize all abortions and force young women to go to prison?" These were just some of the "questions" posed last night, all by individuals who turn out to be supporting various Democratic candidates.

The most frustrating aspect of all of this is the Democrats weren't subject to near the same standard. All of their questions actually came from their supporters. The question remains whether CNN was just lazy in screening the clips or if they intentionally chose them.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Like "Pat Sage-ak"

I saw this on Drudge. It's nothing big, but I always appreciate discovering that an already likable celebrity is also level-headed.

Celebrity Endorsements: Does Anyone Really Care?
There have been so many debates and interviews and columns and profiles and polls, it’s hard to believe the election for president is still about 11 months away. Recently, celebrity endorsements have been making news, with Oprah Winfrey saying she would campaign for Barack Obama and Barbra Streisand making the not-so-stunning announcement that she was supporting Hillary Clinton.

There are reasons, of course, why candidates welcome such help. First, there’s the bonanza of free publicity. With so many names and faces vying for attention, what could be better than the burst of news such endorsements bring? There’s also the burst of money these high-profile celebs can bring in themselves and attract from others. Then there’s the extra attention and excitement these stars engender when they appear at a candidate’s political events. It’s far easier to attract a crowd in Des Moines if a big TV, movie or recording star is standing next to the politician.

Putting those obvious benefits aside, the question remains: do these endorsements really translate into votes? Does anyone decide which candidate to choose based on the recommendation of a TV talk show host or a singer/actress? If any group of citizens is uniquely unqualified to tell someone else how to vote, it’s those of us who live in the sheltered, privileged arena of celebrityhood. It’s one thing to buy an ab machine because Chuck Norris recommends it (he’s in good shape, isn’t he?) or a grill because George Foreman’s name is on it (he’s a great guy, so it must be a great grill!), but the idea of choosing the Leader of the Free World based on the advice of someone who lives in the cloistered world of stardom seems a bit loony to me.

This is America, and we celebrities have just as much right as anyone else to speak up about any issue. The problem is that more attention is paid to what we say because we’re well known. But why should that matter? O.J. Simpson is one of the world’s best-known celebrities, but I can’t imagine anyone following his lead in a voting booth.

I suppose anything that gets people engaged in the political process is a good thing, but the idea that a gold record, a top-ten TV show or an Oscar translates into some sort of political wisdom doesn’t make much sense to me. Trust me, one’s view of the world isn’t any clearer from the back seat of a limo.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why Hillary Will Win

Superb article by Dick Armey, one of my favorite members of the GOP, over at Freedomworks. It's pretty long, but I encourage ya'll to read it if you have time, because it will save me and everyone else a lot of breath trying to predict how this thing will unfold in the next 11 months:
If the 2008 presidential election were held today, Hillary Rodham Clinton would win.

Hillary’s minor stumbles in the MSNBC debate notwithstanding, she is simply running the most disciplined and effective campaign. She’s one of the most able politicians in America, and no one should underestimate her desire to be President and her calculating focus.

What you need to understand is that Hillary Clinton is, quite simply, craftier and more aggressive than the rest of the field. I know this firsthand, having battled with the Clinton Administration throughout the 1990’s while serving as a leader in Congress.

She’s only gotten tougher since then.

Early on, there were many fights, but one of the most important was over Hillary Clinton’s 1993 plan to expand government control of the health-care system. We were lucky to stop it, and we did so by standing our ground on the principle of putting patients ahead of bureaucracies. But now she’s back, and the health-care issue is a perfect example of the way she’s learned on the job and evolved her tactics.

Her latest health-care plan is more of the same stuff—greater federal control of our lives—but this time she’s presenting it in a way that is far more politically savvy. She leaves open questions of funding and enforcement, and is actively working to buy off the groups who opposed her plan in 1993.

Hillary Clinton and her agenda are not going to fade away. She is relentless and determined. Once she resolves a course of action in her mind, she is not going to be wishy-washy. The other candidates, and the rest of the world, will quickly learn that Hillary Clinton means business.

No doubt, Hillary Clinton has the Democrat primary all wrapped up. A couple of one-term senators are simply no match for the political machine she and her husband have built. I won’t go so far as to say that it’s not possible for a Republican to defeat her in the general election. But as things stand today, the GOP has a very real set of problems that are larger than any of the party’s candidates.

First and foremost, the Republican brand as effective stewards of the taxpayer dollar is in tatters, and the shredding doesn’t look to stop any time soon. Just last week, 138 House Republicans joined the Democrats in voting to override the president’s veto of a wasteful and pork-ridden Water Resources bill. That vote was a shameful display of personal politics over the national interest, and it contains the seeds of destruction of whatever conservative principles remain in the Republican party.

The callow accommodation to big-spending Democrats in Congress is one of the ways the Republican party will return itself to the days of serving as a compliant, permanent minority. Happy for table scraps, elected Republicans will simply abandon the ideas of their party in order to “get along”.

No wonder Americans prefer Democrats on the economy, taxes, and spending issues, according to recent polling data. When the choice is between Democrats, and the Democrat-lite ideas the GOP has become so comfortable offering, the Democrats will win every time.

The only way the Republican party will beat Hillary Clinton is to return to its limited-government roots. That’s the only way to rebuild a majority coalition.

For example, today religious conservatives are confused, disillusioned, and somewhat fractured. Too many of the current crop of self-appointed social conservative leaders have embraced an agenda that splits the GOP coalition. Big government ideas— runaway spending on “conservative” social programs, social engineering in the tax code, and greater government intervention into Americans’ personal lives—are the wrong path. This pandering has hurt the GOP in swing states, especially in the Mountain West and Great Lakes states.

To counter Hillary Clinton’s perfectly oiled political machine, Republicans need to return to their Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan roots. They need to present an alternative vision for America—a positive vision that limits government and trusts individuals and leaves families, churches, and businesses free to make their own decisions, and not have bureaucrats and politicians calling the shots.

Right now, the country is headed toward a date with Hillary Clinton, and big government is on the agenda. The only way to change that rendezvous is for candidates to offer a clear, principled, limited government alternative.
He's dead on. '08 will be another blue year unless Republicans start acting like Republicans again. No more "compassionate conservatism" B.S. (which will likely go down as the worst governing strategy in American political history), no more trying to win over the other side with senseless big government programs like No Child Left Behind and Medicaid Prescription Drug expansion (which, in case you haven't noticed, haven't won over the other side but have only served to alienate our base), no more boondoggle spending, you get the idea.

At this point, I don't care who we nominate. I'm willing to forget everybody's shady history on the hopes that, after February, the nominee will take some time off from kissing babies and start reading Reagan speeches from the 60's and 70's. Otherwise, the race is Hillary's to lose.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hate Week Begins....

Clean Old Fashioned Hate is renewed on Saturday, but for most people, it's an all year event. The spread looks to be UGA -3.5, but I don't think it should be that close as long as Chan Gailey is coaching. All signs point to Chan having to win this game to keep his job, so the Tech players might try to use that as motivation, but I doubt it will matter. All are invited to my tailgate, located on the 5th Street bridge. If you don't know how to reach me, contact Hank or Snuffy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Praying for Rain in Atlanta: No, we're not kidding.

Ok, so our state leaders are totally out of ideas. The continuing drought in the Atlanta area has forced water levels to all-time lows and how does our state government respond?

Pray for rain.

Governor Sonny Perdue has organized a public prayer service to appeal to God for some much needed rain. This is the most ingenious, if not irreverent, pass of the buck I have ever seen. If it fails to rain in the next few days, this will no longer be an issue of resource mismanagement.

"It's not our fault the city is having a water shortage; God wouldn't let it rain. We asked and He wouldn't do it."

Come on, publicly praying for rain? We all know that government is impotent and useless, but these are elected public officials. They at least need to pretend they have a clue about what's going on. Why don't we all get our dowsing rods and wander around Gwinnett, Fulton, and Cobb Counties looking for water in the ground?

This is 2007 and we need to behave like it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

New Classification Numbers Released

After calculating enrollment figures from this year, the Georgia High School Association has finally realigned all schools into their prospective classifications for 2008-2010. You can check out the new figures here. As expected, BC, whose enrollment figures have plummeted to 337, is now slated to play in AA.

Each high school has between now and Monday, November 26 to contact the GHSA by written notice if they wish to play up.

I think it goes without saying that we all should start an intense lobbying effort addressing everyone surrounding the alumni and athletic assocations to ensure that BC plays up and moves back into AAAAA where it belongs. And by "intense lobbying effort," I really just mean a couple of posts here and there over the next few weeks on this blog than no one reads anyway.

I mean no disrespect to Michael, but we don't want BC to become the Aquinas of Savannah, and despite football's recent successes, it looks like we'll ultimately be heading in that direction unless action is taken.

Look forward to seeing everybody at the game tonight. Go Cadets.

Were we cheated?

For those of you that haven't heard, there's been some kafuffle over a recent incident of cheating at a high school football game. Last Friday, Lakeside-Evans High School was playing Effingham County High School. In the closing seconds of the game, Lakeside-Evans had the ball and were down 7-0. The coach called for a Hail Mary and when the pass went up, a Lakeside-Evans player snuck onto the field from the sidelines. No one saw him. Fittingly, the pass was intercepted. Time expired and Effingham won 7-0. It wasn't until Effingham's coaching staff reviewed the film and discovered what had happened. The story was outed and the coach has been reprimanded, but will likely not be fired.

Now you're asking, what does this have to do with us? I'm getting to that.

Lakeside-Evans High School is in Evans, GA. In today's (Friday's) Savannah Morning news, there is a letter to the editor from the publisher of the local paper in Columbia County. He tells the story of another act of cheating from 1987 in the game between Evans High and Effingham County High where the Evans High coach put a radio headset in the quarterback's helmet.

Is it just a major coincidence that both cheating attempts came against Effingham County? Or could it reasonably be assumed that the football programs in the city of Evans have had a tradition of cheating for twenty years, possibly more? Is it so unbelievable to think that these teams could have been cheating all along?

Now, to my point. We all remember the 2000 BC football season. We suffered a 17-0 loss at the hands of Evans High School. I don't recall if the game was televised, but I want to see the film. If they beat us fairly, I can accept that, but if those bastards cheated, I demand the game be replayed with the original players from both teams that year. Maybe then I'll see some playing time against the Knights.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Reading From the Book of Snuffy

Go forth now to the Boro of Wayne. A maroon-clad cavalry approaches from the South. In their path lies the bear's den. Slay the beast and a crown awaits. Huteth One! Huteth Two!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The History of Global Warming

A new British book has been released detailing the history of "Global Warming" promulgated by Al Gore and many over zealous scientists. Along with it's 5 historical stages, the book spells out the evidence contradicting each apocalyptic claim that CO2 emissions are producing higher temperatures.

The article is rather lengthy, but it should shed some light on the ridiculousness of Al Gore and his cronies.

So, don't worry about recycling and buy whatever car you can afford since Earth is cooling off anyhow.

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Economic Update

Beware of Democrats in November of 2008. Besides the attacks on the justified war in Iraq, the Communist Democrats will use ridiculous arguments to push universal health care, closing the income tax "loop holes" used by the rich, and improving our "disastrous" economy.

Even with the busted housing bubble, America's economy has never been better. Here are a couple of clips I received in my daily tax news update.

Americans' personal income increased $47.4 billion in September, according to figures released by the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis on November 1, 2007. Revised figures for August show an increase of $52.8 billion. Personal outlays in September increased $33.0 billion, after an increase of $54.3 billion in August. Personal consumption expenditures increased $30.1 billion in September, compared with an August increase of $51.4 billion. Personal saving was $89.7 billion in September, compared with $82.1 billion in August.

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 3.9 percent in the third quarter of 2007, according to advance estimates released by the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis on October 31, 2007. In the second quarter, real GDP increased 3.8 percent. Real gross domestic purchases, or purchases by U.S. residents of goods and services wherever produced, increased 2.8 percent in the third quarter, compared with an increase of 2.4 percent in the second quarter. The major contributors to the increase in real GDP in the third quarter were: personal consumption expenditures (PCE), exports, federal government spending, equipment and software, nonresidential structures, private inventory investment and state and local government spending.

Is Donny real?

While discussing The Big Lebowski with a coworker, something was brought to my attention. Throughout the film, Walter (John Goodman) is seen conversing with Donny (Steve Buscemi). If you pay close attention, no one else addresses him. Is he a figment of Walter's imagination? Is Donny real?
There are a few instances where this is debatable, specifically during the scene when the three of them go to little Larry Sellars house looking for the briefcase. After Walter smashes the Corvette, the owner runs out to smash the Dude's car, which is where they left Donny. However, next time we see the Dude's car, Donny's gone. Did he go to In-N-Out? Was he ever there?
This myth is laid to rest after the failed drop with the kidnappers. As Walter, Donny, and the Dude are leaving the bowling alley, Donny says, "Phone's ringin', Dude," to which Dude replys, "Thanks, Donny."
I found this interesting and I hope you all have as well. If you haven't seen The Big Lebowski, this has been a waste of your time.

You Got Listserved 11/2/07

This post is in response to a girl accused of beating puppies to death:

I don't know a lot about how the legal system works but I guess if you
are indicted by a grand jury, there must be at least some evidence of
possible guilt, enough to go to trial I guess. Poor, poor pupplies,
whoever hurt them, I hope to see them one day at Rainbow Bridge
and tell them I love them and smell their little pupply breath. :```(

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

How Does John Edwards Explain This?

From cafehayek:
In 1970, according to the American Housing Survey (from HUD and the Department of Commerce, then called the Annual Housing Survey, Table A-1, p. 32), 36% of the 67 million households in America had air conditioning, 11% had central air. This is the earliest data available from this survey.

In 2005, the most recent data from the same survey, (Table 2-4, p. 66) 82% of the 15 million households with income below the poverty line had air conditioning, 52% had central air.
Democrats always talk about how the middle class has “eroded” over the last 25 years. They instead clamor for a return to the "good old days" of the 1970s European social model when…no one had air conditioning. Along with the media's backing, they argue the poor have been left behind over the last quarter century. I would draw the opposite conclusion: that the poor have never had it so good.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Snuffy's Lock of the Week: Week 9

Hey ya'll. Snuffy P. Smith here with your Lock of the Week for week 9 of the college football season.

Ohio State (-3.5) at Penn State

Slim Pickens this week. Take the Buckeyes. Awesome defense and efficient offense.

Season Record: 5-3

Upset Alert: Georgia vs. Florida (-8.5)
Why not?

More Local Government Waste

The City of Savannah is awash in taxpayer dollars. It has to be. Why else would the City WASTE and unreported amount of money (Dan Logana) to install radar speed monitors on Bay Street?
Two things really upset me about this. First, anyone who has driven down Bay Street at any time of day or night knows that if you ever do get going over, say, fifteen miles per hour, you will only do so for about twenty feet until you get to the next red light. Second, every vehicle aside from golf carts and farm equipment is equipped with a spedometer. If people ignore their own spedometers, why in the hell would they pay attention to ones posted on lightposts?
If you're trying to come up with a reason as to why the City chose to do this, give up. There is no logic behind it or anything else they do.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look at You. You're Hungry.

Thoughts and prayers are with legendary Las Vegas crooner and Beetlejuice actor Robert Goulet this morning. Goulet is currently heavily sedated and undergoing a lung transplant. We hope he makes a full recovery.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Still Recovering

Painful loss for Cadet nation last night. Thanks to WTOC for continuing to give us good press though. For some reason this link only works in Internet Explorer so don't use Firefox.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Vox Populi: Gems of the Week

Dishonorable Mention:
"A relative died in August and the airlines wanted $889 to fly round trip from Chattanooga to Savannah even though we told them about the death. Then I see in the paper you can fly to Philadelphia for $79. That doesn't seem like the American way."
- Last minute flights are expensive. Don’t underestimate the immense drawing power of Chatt-town.

Dishonorable Mention:
"The play 'Hairspray' was horrible. We walked out at intermission with a number of people. Doesn't anyone preview these plays before they come to Savannah?"
- Why would anyone pay money to see a story about a dancing fat girl? Go to Bar Bar any weekend night and watch for free.

Awful Joke Award:
"I chuckled when I read of the robbery suspect apprehended in his underwear on Bay Street. It gives a whole new meaning to 'getting caught with your pants down.' Hats, just hats, off to those who serve and protect in Savannah. God bless."
- I hate you so much.

Stupid Question Award:
"Why was gas $2.49 in Columbia, S.C. and $2.75 in Savannah? When are the feds going to investigate this?"
- The difference is due to differing state taxes and/or market conditions, but I’m sure the FBI is all over this one. Douche.

"Thanks to the officer who went far beyond the line of duty when he came to my aid when my car broke down and also to the officer who found my cell phone when I lost it in Forsyth Park. That is what I like about the South."
- Yeah, I love the fact that when those officers could have been catching murderers, rapists, and crack dealers, they were busy helping you keep your stupid crap together.

And your Gem of the Week:
"To the young man who sat beside me at the performance of 'Hairspray' and received terrible news after turning his cell phone back on, I don't know what happened but you are in my prayers."
- That was a deftly executed, backhanded dig at the guy who turned his phone on during the show. You have an amazing future in politics. As for what happened; his boyfriend probably just realized that he, in fact, does like women after all. This is why he wasn’t at the show in the first place.

Rick Schwarz Voicemail Archive Grab Bag

Sunday, January 7, 2007, 1:32am:

"Patrick...I didn't mean to call you now 'cus I got a bunch of fags around me... buncha Country Day, Calvary, and Savannah Christian faggots...BUT, I'm telling you, I mean goddamn you need to be the first captain of the Irish Hurricans when we get our group together, because I'm telling you, I will do whatever you ask me I promise...and I didn't mean to be a complete asshole by stayin' up here this entire Christmas break, but whatever happens, I'm telling you, whatever you need me to do, I got it. You need an enforcer, I'll be the enforcer I promise. Whoever you don't want in there, I'll take 'em out I promise. But seriously though, you and Leonard, ya'll are by far the best friends I have, I mean that's all I got so...

"You don't have to call me back tonight cuz it's not important BUT...I'm just saying...if you were here tonight I would follow you, and I'd follow you wherever you want me to do (sic), so call me, uh, if you (inaudible), alright because I could seriously beat some ass right now...because I'm all about the BC letter jacket...and just whatever...I like you and Leonard and that's all that really matters me back later, bye."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Snuffy's Lock of the Week: Week 8

Hey. ya'll. Snuffy P. Amith here with your Lock of the Week for week 8 of the college football season.

Louisville (-3.5) at UConn

Now that the pressure is off, Louisville is finally playing like Louisville. This will be the last week you can take advantage of skepticism surrounding the Cardinals. After they handle UConn, lines on Louisville games will jump back up.

Season Record: 5-2

Upset Alert: Florida (-6.5) at Kentucky
This is the obvious upset pick this week. Florida's pass defense has struggled this season. The question is whether or not the Wildcats can "get up" for the second week in a row.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Crane Sitter Talked Down

This guy obviously wants attention. And I gave it to him. I sat out on my balcony, ate dinner, drank some vodka and smoked a good cigar. It was a pleasant evening: Helicopters flying around and giant moon-walks were blown up. Ah yes, the joys of living in Atlanta.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Latest Hillaryism

Add this one to our ongoing list. From the Boston Globe:
Clinton recently floated the idea of issuing a $5,000 bond to each baby born in the United States to help pay for college and a first home, but it immediately inspired Republican ridicule and she quickly said she would not implement the proposal.

She defended that decision yesterday, saying she is focusing on proposals with more political support and she is not formally proposing anything she can't fund without increasing the deficit: "I have a million ideas. The country can't afford them all."

A Case Against Socialized Health Care.

This news bit from gives an excellent example of how privatized health care (medical costs paid by the individual out of pocket, through health care insurance, or employer provided funds) always prevails against socialized health care (national tax revenue used to pay for the citizens' medical treatment.)

Cancer death rates are falling faster than ever in America. Plain and simple. Raw data shows that America, not Russia, are having fewer of it's citizens die from cancer.

"1996, there was just one truly effective drug for colon cancer. Today, there are six more, giving patients a variety of chemotherapy cocktails to try to hold their tumors in check, said Dr. Louis Weiner, medical oncology chief at Philadelphia's Fox Chase Cancer Center and a colorectal cancer specialist."

Question: Why the increase in effective drugs and lower death rates?

Answer: Profit!

Now, the happy go lucky, recycling, peace loving "Progressive" may want to the government to fund every one's medical treatment ranging from the common flu shot, to chemo therapy. These people ignore the fact that the government will not reimburse medical facilities at the proper fair market values. When the medical establishment is paid less, a lower quality product will be produced.

Since the US is still holding to his capitalist ideals, the medical profession is still profit driven. Result, higher quality medicine and reduced death rates for cancer.

"Progressives" will scream, "... but what about poor Jose, sitting on the street corner on Montgomery Crossroads? Who is going to pay for his migraine headache medicine?"

1. His Parents, if Jose is too young to work.
2. Jose, if he is old enough to work.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Savannah Morning News Letter of the Week

Steve Willis of Savannah has brought home another victory in our Letter of the Week.

America out of step on Iraq

Over 90 percent of the people in Europe and Iraq believe that the United States is in Iraq in order to control the Iraqi and Middle Eastern oil.

They think we want to stay until the oil runs out. In the United States this point of view is almost never heard. Americans almost universally believe that we are in Iraq to subdue terrorism, and that everyone, including the administration, wants to get out as soon as safely possible.

But the European and Iraqi thoughts make a lot more sense. There are no known links between Iraq and 9/11, and there were no ties between Al Qaida and Iraq before the U.S. invasion, and it certainly looks to me that the Bush administration is willing to do or say just about anything to keep us in Iraq.

Does anyone really think anyone would be very interested in the Middle East if there were no oil there? I can't say for sure what is going on, but I don't like the apparent complete unwillingness of the powers that be in America to discuss the opinion held by the vast majority of people throughout the world. I don't like it at all.



Steve’s written to the Savannah Morning News to wake us up again for the real reason for the US’s presence in Iraq. Apparently, over 90% of Europeans (Which ones?) and Iraqis (How’d you survey them?) believe we are in Iraq strictly for oil. Also, that 90% believes we intend to stay there until the oil runs out, which would take a few hundred years. Evidently, Mr. Willis conducted this survey himself. Mr. Willis later shifts gears from 90% of Europe and Iraq to say that “the vast majority of people throughout the world” shares this opinion.

This guy's good.

This letter, and really Mr. Willis’s life can be summed up with the line, “I can’t say for sure what’s going on.” Well, Steve, you may not know what's going on, but we still love reading what you think about it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Snuffy's Lock of the Week: Week 7

Hey, ya'll. Snuffy P. Smith here with your Lock of the Week for week 7 of the college football season.

Louisville at Cincinnati (-10.5)

Louisville has been one of the most disappointing teams in college football this year. However, the Cards are still potent enough offensively to be able to stay within 10 points, if not upset the Bearcats.

Season Record: 4-2

Upset Alert: Boston College (-13.5) at Notre Dame
The Irish will not force 7 turnovers like they did last week against UCLA, but 3 might be enough to give Our Lady a shot.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Quotable Connolly

This premiere edition of The Quotable Connolly harkens back to St. Patrick's Day 2004, when Chris unleashed this unforgettable caption on divorced middle-aged white women everywhere in downtown Savannah:
"Hey darlin', I want a wallet-size photo of you and me, right now!"*
*Footnote: If and when Chris ever decided to use this on younger females (those under the age of, say, 17), he would usually make sure to replace the word "darlin'" with "precious."

Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick Quiz

This is a fascinating quiz Boortz put up on his website. I'll post the answers in the comment section.

Who said the following:

1) "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

A. Karl Marx
B. Adolph Hitler
C. Joseph Stalin
D. None of the above

2) "It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few...and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity."

A. Lenin
B. Mussolini
C. Idi Amin
D. None of the Above

3) "(We)...can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people."

A. Nikita Khrushev
B. Jose f Goebbels
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. None of the above

4) "We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their order to create this common ground."

A. Mao Tse Dung
B. Hugo Chavez
C. Kim Jong Il
D. None of the above

5) "I certainly think the free-market has failed."

A. Karl Marx
B. Lenin
C. Molotov
D. None of the above

6) "I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being watched."

A. Pinochet
B. Milosevic
C. Saddam Hussein
D. None of the above

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Recap: BC vs. Thomson

BC lost a hard-fought battle with AAA powerhouse Thomson last night. The Bulldogs were much bigger up front and had more athletes, but BC never gave up and managed to drive the ball well all night. Things would have been really interesting had the Cadets not suffered three turnovers in the first quarter and a squib kick returned for a touchdown with 10 seconds left in the half.

Judging from all the sites BC has played in the last 10 years (Northside, Starr's Mill, The Corral, etc.), I'm pretty sure The Brickyard was the all-around best road game venue I've visited since the '98 playoff game at Valdosta. The place, located in the dead center of the town, is not that big, but it gets rowdy and you get the feeling that as soon as the sun sets the entire city shuts down and huddles into the confines of the stadium's brick walls.

I was impressed with the amount of fans we brought, but I get the feeling there will be less interest next week after this loss. This is unfortunate because last night really didn't matter in the first place, as the stakes are much bigger against sub-region opponent Hephzibah. I hope BC sponsors another bus trip and we get as many people as possible up there. Hephzibah has improved just as much as BC has in the past year and it should be a very close game.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I Can Relate

Amid all the fervor surrounding Bush's veto of SCHIP, I've found that I can relate to the plight of those families who can't afford to care for their children.

For years, I've wanted a Corvette Z06. I know I won't be able to afford the payment or the insurance, but I really want one. I know I'm not alone in this. I dare say countless of Americans want Corvettes. This is why I'll be supporting the SBMACP: the Supplemental Buy Me A Corvette Program.

It's so simple. You fill out the form and if you qualify, Uncle Sam will buy you a Corvette. Go ahead and live outside your means! Uncle Sam will pick up the tab!

SavannahNow Letter of the Week

Lately, I've found that reading the letters to the editor is far less irritating and infuriating than doing the Vox Gems, until I read this letter. It comes from Steve Willis of Savannah. Enjoy.

Americans don't like to face facts

What is happening here? There seems to be an almost universal pathological aversion to speaking the obvious truth in America. This administration lies and "disinforms" incessantly.

The war in Iraq is about oil. The Bush Administration planned to go there before 9/11, and never has had any intention of leaving until the oil runs out.

The current set of generals is highly regarded, (but the last crop was fired for not spewing the party line). The tax cuts for the rich have been bad for everyone but the rich, and their bank-accounts are on steroids.

Maybe there is a reason everyone in the world except Americans living in the "red" states believe in global warming, because it is obvious that the world is warming up, fast and furious. If you don't understand evolution, you don't understand science.

The reason medical costs are so high in the United States is that everyone inside the medical world is making exorbitant profit on the backs of everyone outside it (except for the politicians who are getting their cut).

Guns do kill people, and the reason the United States has such a gun-slaughter rate is not only that it is awash in a sea of guns, but no one can even discuss doing anything to control these guns without risking manic, well-funded attacks from the gun lobby.

The American media is owned by billionaires and their poor multimillionaire relatives. They use the media they own to broadcast whatever suits their interest. Their interest is not the same as mine or yours. Why can the truth not be spoken here anymore?


Now, this letter isn't so much of a letter as it is just a series of claims. In his letter, Mr. Willis manages to arm-tackle the war in Iraq, tax cuts, global warming, our healthcare system, gun control, and even media bias. Whatever his point is, he gets across not with supporting facts, but the same piss-and-vinegar attitude that has gotten Steve Willis where he is today.

Tonight, I'll toss back a cold one for good ol' Steve Willis. It's inspiring when a man will stand up and speak on issues he knows absolutely nothing about.

God Bless America.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

You Got Listserved 10/4/07

Original post:
How much water does UGA use? Just curious! Does UGA use Athens Clarke County water or it's own? Also, with gas prices and the drought has it been considered to go to a four day work week?
Just curious :-)

One of the responses:
Or dare I say it.... How about canceling home football games or just make them all away. This would save a bunch of water. But what would be the economic impact of this? I guess that one cannot drink money!

Snuffy's Lock of the Week: Week 6

Hey ya'll. Snuffy P. Smith here with your Lock of the Week for week 6 of the college football season.

Wisconsin at Illinois (-2.5)

Although Wisconsin has been skating on thin ice all season, they are clearly the better team. Illinois QB Juice Williams is turnover prone and will self-destruct against Wisconsin. This has "let-down game" written all over it after last week's win over Penn State.

Season Record: 4-1

Upset Alert: NC State at Florida State (-18)
The Wolfpack has played FSU tough the past few years. Neither team has an offense and low-scoring games always favor the underdog.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Too Little, Too Late?

After seven long years, George W. Bush woke up today and decided he's finally going to start acting like a small-government conservative. Get ready for a vicious media blitz from the other side and a fervent battle on Capitol Hill over the next few months. It's going to get nasty.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Free Market Radiohead

Radiohead, who are one of the biggest bands in the world, are releasing their next album in a unique way. They have decided to not sign with a record label and will release the album as a download on their website. The catch? You choose what you want to pay for it. You can pay $10, $7, or even $0 - as the website says: "It's up to you." What do you think of this as a business model? Knowing the general sad shape that the music industry is in, do you like this cutting out of the middleman? Will the people who do pay for it make up for the people who don't?

Keep in mind that there are no production costs for distributing mp3s as opposed to CDs. Also, they are selling an $80 package of the album that includes a bonus CD of b-sides, the vinyl copy of the album, and artwork/lyrics.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Sad Day for Liberty

Hey y'all.

Hank here, class of '01. Even though I wasn't allowed to "graduate" due to the disciplinary point system, my heart still lies with my fellow Cadets. You might remember me as a BC trainer, and my classmates loved to affectionately yell my name at inappropriate times during the day. Some say I didn't have many friends. Not true. I had nearly 100 of the best friends a man could ever want. Hell, my classmates officially declared the day I was kicked out as HANK Day. Some Sophomore even claimed to carry my child.

After leaving BC, I delved into the automobile industry working as a mechanic. Now, my interests include religion, politics, history, tradition, economics, BC football, and long distance running. I believe in the one Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, the free market system, less government, lower taxes, right to life and a strong military defense.

Anyways, on September 27, 2007 the Senate passed "hate crime" legislation that was attached to the Defense Authorization Bill. A sneak attack wrought by Liberals. For Senate "conservatives" to pass the defense spending bill with the help of the Left, the hate crime amendment was the price to pay. A hefty price for Liberty I say.

The hate crimes amendment would make it illegal for Christians to label homosexuality as wrong or even sinful. Whether or not you have a stance on the sexual orientation debate, this bill would be a major setback for Religious Freedom. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass and Son of Satan, argue their amendment helps "fight terrorism at home."

Honestly, would you label St. Michael's Church on Tybee Island as a terrorist organization for claiming that homosexuality is wrong?

Good news Lovers of Liberty; The President, using his last bit of back bone, is expected to veto the defense spending bill just because of the hate crime amendment. And, with only 60 Senate votes, it is unlikely that the veto will be overturned. Thank God. On a sad note, the Federal "hate crime" push is not over. In the future, Liberals will keep throwing this monkey wrench into our legislative system until one day Congress will be forced to enact it. Terrible.

Patrick, is the above case a good argument to introduce the "line item veto"?- (For those of you wondering, multiple unrelated laws can be introduced and passed under one bill. A line item veto thus allows the President to veto only certain parts of a bill, while allowing the remaining laws to pass. In the old days when the U.S.A was a confederacy, a Congressional Bill could contain only one law, causing laws to be debated and passed one by one. When the government was federalized and multiple bills were needed to save the country from collapse, Congress then allowed a bill to contain many laws. Even though less efficient, I believe the original way was better for the country. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Snuffy's Lock of the Week: Week 5

Hey ya'll, Snuffy P. Smith here with your Lock of the Week for week 5 of the college football season. First, some administrative business. I've decided to forego the weekly Mad Money post. Ryan made a good point when he asked where these teams could be bought and sold. Instead, I will add the Upset Alert to the Lock of the Week post. Now, the Lock of the Week.

Michigan State at Wisconsin (-7.5)

This will be a classic Big 10 slugfest with the victory going to the team that wants to lose the least. I don't know if the Spartans can pull off the win at Camp Randall Stadium, but they will keep it within a touchdown.

Season Record: 3-1

Upset Alert:
Penn State at Illinois

And I don't care what any of ya'll say about the Baconator. It is the best fast food burger around. Hands down.

East Downtown

The City Council shored up $57 million in funds to expand the downtown district out to the Truman Parkway. On tap: 6 new squares and a renovated President St.

But what about the Hitch?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Best Fast Food Burger Ever

Wendy's, a fast food restaurant constantly searching for an identity, has struck gold with its newest menu item. The Baconator is the greatest fast food hamburger ever produced.

Seen above in its actual form, the Baconator does not pretend to be anything it's not. What you see is what you get: 830 calories and 51 grams of fat. No fancy condiments like lettuce, tomatoes or onions. Just bacon, cheese, ketchup and mayonaise, the way a burger was meant to be. And there are no oversized buns to make it appear bigger than it actually is. This thing is all meat, baby. If John Holmes were alive today, this would be his burger.

Adding to the magnificence of this meat marvel is the witty ad campaign that uses personification to give the Baconator a beast-like quality. Taglines such as Careful, it can sense fear and Order it before it orders you conjure up images of a werewolf with a chainsaw for a dick (I stole that from EDSBS, but you get the point). So, if you have yet to experience the Baconator, do yourself a favor and drop what you're doing right now and go get one. It will change your life.

Let's Not Forget

In the midst of the glorious play which follows this, I completely forgot about these comments. It's either the most inappropriately timed and asinine commentary I've ever heard, or the work of an undercover brilliant comedian.

Stan Mikita's Doughnuts

The owner of the Chicago Blackhawks died today, and the very first thing I thought of after reading this was to check the Blackhawks message board. I wanted to see how honest the fans would be in their reactions, because the owner, William Wirtz, was pretty much hated intensely by the Blackhawk fans for various reasons. He was notoriously stingy when it came to free agents and refused to show the home games on TV, for example.

The first place I went was the offical board, but I was very disappointed with the amount of "my prayers are with his family" and "sorry to hear about his family's loss." I then went to the ESPN board and was given some keen insight into a hockey fan's mind. I really love this:

"Screw Wirtz I hope he burns in hell. The way he wrecked this franchise not to mention the NHL in general. Now maybe the Hawks can come back to the top as a franchise in the Chicago area. People in this city used to love hockey and loved the Hawks but with Wirtz around they finally gave up. Now maybe the fans can come back and this ONCE PROUD orginization can regain its foothold in the hearts of Chicago's fans. Ding dong the witch is dead!"

Re: " wow, i was coming here to post my feelings on this but this post is exactly word for word what i was going to say. I couldn't agree more. Good riddance and I hope he suffers for eternity in he!! for what he did to the Hawks."


These kids are everywhere on SavannahNow. I just thought'd I'd bring them over here so I could see them whenever I want.
Remember: offers unlimited free photo space to share your pictures with other nosy lowlifes who aren't on Myspace or Facebook yet.

Friday, September 21, 2007

You Got Listserved 9/21/07

Does anyone know anything about the wreck that happened on the bypass
yesterday sometime around 5:20 or so? It was just a little before the
Timothy Rd. exit. It was very disturbing to see and I know someone's
family will need prayers. Thanks, BP.

I have to comment on this. It's such garbage when people try to pass off their complete nosiness as if they're actually concerned, and even worse when they hide it behind religion. The family doesn't need your prayers or your special VIP connection you have with Jesus. You only wanted to satisfy your own selfish curiosity.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Headline of the Year

This guy reminds me of the Black Knight in Monty Python.

Snuffy's Lock of the Week: Week 4

Hey ya'll. Snuffy P. Smith here with your Lock of the Week for week 4 of the college football season.

Penn State (-3) @ Michigan

Michigan has finally awoken from its slumber after demolishing Notre Dame. This is Penn State's first game away from home and the first competent opponent the Nittany Lions have played this year. Anthony Morelli throws a couple pics and Michigan wins by a TD.

Season Record: 2-1

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Herndon Interview Tomorrow Tonight

Be sure to tune to BC Sports Radio tomorrow tonight at 9pm to hear Coach Herndon answer questions about the team and its recent successes. Special thanks to Buddy Garrity O.C. Welch for sponsoring BC Sports Radio.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mad Money With Snuffy P. Smith: Week 4


Florida 3-0
Last Week: W 59-20 vs. Tennessee
I have been skeptical of Tim Tebow up until this point. He is for real and the Urban Meyer has the Gators primed for another run at the national championship. Florida will travel to Baton Rouge on Oct. 6th in what will easily be the game of the year. These teams will play each other again in Atlanta, so a loss in October will not hurt very much.

Michigan 1-2
Last Week: W 38-0 vs. Notre Dame
The Wolverines finally played up to their potential. I know Notre Dame sucks this year, but all Michigan needed was a shot in the arm. They will not lose again until they play Ohio State. Lloyd Carr's future will rest on the outcome of that game.


Boston College 3-0
Last Week: W 24-10 at Georgia Tech
Matt Ryan is one of the best QBs in the nation, thanks in large part to an outstanding OL. The defense did shut down Tech, but I think the Jackets shut down themselves on offense. Tashard Choice, one of the best RBs in the nation, only carried the ball 11 times. BC will be 7-0 when they travel to Virginia Tech and will have to travel to Maryland and Clemson after that, not to mention a home date with Miami to end the regular season.

Kentucky 3-0
Last Week: W 40-34 vs. Louisville
The Wildcats have yet to face a comptent defense this season. With Arkansas, South Carolina, LSU, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee left on the schedule, Kentucky will be fortunate to win 6 games this year.


UCLA 2-1
Last Week: L 6-44 at Utah
The Bruins returned all 11 starters from a defense that shut down Southern Cal last year. Giving up 44 to Utah tells me their performance against the Trojans was a fluke. UCLA will probably upset a team or two and lose to a couple teams they shouldn't, en route to a low-level bowl game.

Wisconsin 3-0
Last Week: W 45-31 vs. The Citadel
The Badgers, like UCLA were supposed to be dark-horse national title contenders. However, Wisconsin has had two straight sub-par performances against UNLV and The Citadel and will likely finish 4th in the Big 10/11 behind Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State.

Halfway There

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Snuffy's Lock of the Week: Week 3

Hey ya'll. Snuffy P. Smith here with your Lock of the Week for Week 3 of the college football season.

Hawaii (-17.5) @ UNLV

Last week, Hawaii struggled to outscore LA Tech, one of the worst offensive teams in the nation in 2006. Meanwhile, UNLV gave Wisconsin a run for its money. Also, away games are like cryptonite to the Warriors. Hawaii's lack of defense, coupled with their second consecutive trip to the mainland, means the Runnin' Rebels will keep this one close. I don't think UNLV will win, but they will stay within striking distance and beat the spread.

Season Record: 2-0

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mad Money with Snuffy P. Smith


LSU 2-0
Last Week: W 48-7 vs. Virginia Tech
I think the Hokies were a little overrated to begin with, but seriously, 48-7!?! The defense is downright nightmarish and Matt Flynn managing the offense to perfection. Florida, Auburn and Arkansas all come to Baton Rouge. The toughest road game is Nov. 3rd at Alabama. LSU should have no problem running the table during the regular season.

Oklahoma 2-0
Last Week: W 51-13 vs. Miami
Nobody expected the Sooners to come out of the gates this fast. After losing Adrian Peterson to the NFL and Rhett Bomar to dumb-ass decisions, it was supposed to take Oklahoma a few weeks to find an offensive identity. Sam Bradford apparently did not get the memo, completing 40-48 passes for 568 yards and 2 TDs the last two weeks. Texas looks to be the lone contender left on the schedule and the Longhorns have struggled early on.


Georgia Tech 2-0
Last Week: W 69-14 vs. Samford
The Jackets have looked fantastic against lesser competition in the opeing weeks of the season. The first real test comes Saturday against Boston College. The defense is for real and Tashard Choice is a legitimate Heisman contender, but how will Taylor Bennett hold up as the season wears on. He looked good last year against West Virginia, but Calvin Johnson saved his ass by snatching two lame duck throws out of the air for TDs. Against Notre Dame, Bennett did not appear comfotable and the offense sputtered in the red zone. Tech also faces a tough stretch coming up with BC at home, @ UVA, Clemson at home, @ Maryland and @ Miami.

South Florida 2-0
Last Week: W 26-23 @ Auburn
The win at Auburn is the biggest win in South Florida's short history. Even bigger than last year's upset of West Virginia. The defense is stacked and Matt Grothe is a good young talent at QB. However, the offense has lacked punch so far this season, only scoring 28 against D-1AA Elon and needing OT to score 26 against Auburn. The Bulls have been the "Georgia Tech of the Big East" the past few years, upsetting a big name and losing to inferior teams. The Big East appears to be strong this year and I think South Florida's offensive deficiency will catch up with them.


Notre Dame 0-2
Last Week: L 10-31 @ Penn State
The Irish have not put up much of a fight so far this season. Georgia Tech and Penn State are darkhorse national title contenders but the complete lack of offense is scary. The defense is solid but not strong enough to win a game by itself. The OL is absolutely awful. In two games, Notre Dame has totaled (-4) yards rushing, including sacks. There is no excuse for that. Notre Dame could easily be 0-8 when Navy visits South Bend in November, and even that won't be a gimmee. This weekend's game against Michigan will be very interesting.

Virginia Tech 1-1
Last Week: L 7-48 @ LSU
Teams that suffer through a tragedy usually come out on fire the following season. I figured Virginia Tech would do the same. Struggling with East Carolina and getting pummeled by LSU have me feeling VT will be fighting just to reach .500 this year.

Week 3 Upset Alert

Louisville @ Kentucky
The Cardinals' weakness, defense, plays right into the hands of the Wildcats' strength, offense.

Ohio State @ Washington
Blowing out Syracuse is no big deal, but dispensing of Boise St. by two TDs is. Dual QB threat Jake Locker has looked phenominal in his first two starts.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Week Two: BC vs. Jenkins

Jenkins may have its best team since a quarter-century ago when they were coached by a certain 1970 BC graduate. BC is much-improved and will be ready to play, but it simply won't matter unless the guy in the above picture somehow manages to catch an extreme form of that Jenkins venereal disease Colonel Owens used to warn us about between now and 7:30. The Warriors demolished Bluffton last week and should have no trouble finishing 2nd in the region behind Camden.


Jenkins - 42
BC - 27

While this matchup has no effect on AAA standings, an upset would get people talking like they haven't in quite a while.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Snuffy's Lock of the Week

Hey ya'll. Snuffy P. Smith here with your Lock of the Week for Week 2 of the college football season.

Alabama (-4) @ Vanderbilt

I know Vandy has a lot back from last year and they clobbered Richmond in their opener, but seriously, this is Vandy. The Commodores will likely pull a small upset at some point this season, but it won't be against Nick Saban and Alabama. The Tide rolls by at least 10 points.

Season Record: 1-0

"Modern and Contemporary"

Looks like BC Gottum is slacking ass over there. Post your opinion on BC's new jerseys.

You Got Listserved 9/6/07

"Hello, There are departments on campus that has nice t-shirts. Where did you order yours from? Thanks"

Firstname Lastname
Institute of Behavioral Research
Graduate Studies

It's official....

Fred is in

Definition of Cracker

I found the following post over at EDSBS, which is the best college football blog ever created. I cannot stress this enough. If you don't know, the picture is of South Carolina QB Blake Mitchell.

It is mandatory that as an SEC fan, there will be one redneck ne’er-do-well at qb in your conference each year. He shall think the shotgun is named after a beer drinking technique; he shall list his interests on Facebook as “getting hammered,” and “tracking poonasaurus heh heh heh.” He shall step heartily into throws doomed from the first twitch of the eyeball toward the receiver. He shall vomit in public with great frequency and productivity, shocking even circus freaks with their ability to shoot liquid in gouts from his gullet. He shall, from time to time, drive into stationary objects with his or someone else’s car.

In a greater time, men like this were nicknamed “Snake,” “Red,” “Brett Favre,” or “Redsnake.” Now we just call him cracker-ass crackah Blake Mitchell, a walking Saltine of a man, so crackered out is he, who will be the starter at Georgia on Saturday when South Carolina comes to Athens.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How many times did we ride this?

Chris, Ryan, and Joe:


Hello, McFly, your ride's over
Sep 04, 2007 04:30 AM

The Back to the Future ride is heading into the past.
The Universal Studios Hollywood ride based on the movies with Canadian actor Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd was taking its final passengers yesterday
It's closing to make room for a new Simpsons attraction.
Back to the Future – The Ride was the theme park's first high-tech thrill ride. It opened in 1993.
For their trip, passengers were strapped into a carriage modelled after the film's DeLorean time machine to ride in front of a film projected on a domed screen, which gave the illusion of flight.
The new Simpsons ride is scheduled to debut next year.

Monday, September 03, 2007


This labor day weekend is Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Dragon*Con is America's largest, multi-media, popular arts convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film. I am not downtown anymore, but my wife has given me updates on the totally sweet gamers. The point is: I am tired of people saying that "we'll be working for these people one day." We were always told that the nerds will be running the world, but I am of the opinion only a couple of nerds (Steve Jobs and Bill Gates) are really doing that well. The rest are in Atlanta dressed up like Harry Potter or Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coverage You Can Count On: BC vs. Windsor

Tonight BC opens up with Windsor Forest. Due to absences among our contributors (in addition to a general lack of anything better to do), I will be posting score updates every half-hour in the comments section.

You can find tonight's scouting report here. The teams are about evenly-matched so we should be able to tell a lot more about just how much BC has improved this past year. The game also presents a unique opportunity for the new headmaster to demonstrate he's ready to resurrect the Father John era by canceling school tomorrow should the Cadets emerge victorious.

Kickoff is slated for 7:30pm, Eastern Sandfly Time.

Katrina Revisited, Again

Just how much money has Big Brother thrown at New Orleans in the last 2 years? The White House says somewhere around $127 billion. If we divided that up among the 300,000 citizens of New Orleans, that would come out to $425,000 per person. The Big Easy is awash in federal dollars, yet it remains a concrete jungle. Poverty and crime rates are still among the highest in the country. Entitlement spending is out of control and is only serving to deepen the already entrenched problems that plagued New Orleans and Louisiana before the hurricane.

Larry Kudlow has a superb article on all of this and more over at Real Clear Politics. Read it. All of it.

Katrina highlights how Bush's repeated failures continue to discredit the irrational and defective nature of his governing strategy of "compassionate conservatism," which from day one we knew was a recipe for disaster. Hopefully a Romney, Guiliani, or Thompson will have enough sense to abandon this flawed ideology and replace it with the libertarian conservatism of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.