Sunday, October 31, 2010


Republicans are poised for massive victories on Tuesday. Some of this was inevitable since the Democrats won in '06 and '08, and presidents always lose congressional seats in off-year elections, but there's a lot more going on here than just that: discontent with government is at all-time highs, unemployment remains unacceptably high and shows no signs of coming down, and the federal debt is expanding at break-neck speed towards European levels, and shows no signs of shrinking or at least slowing down.

No single person has done more to help the conservative cause in the last 20 years than Barack Obama.  Thanks to him, two-thirds of independents now side with Republicans on just about every major issue.  Thank to him, Keynsianism was tried for the first time since the Carter administration and thoroughly discredited in front of an entire generation of voters who, $800 billion later in "stimulus" spending, still can't find jobs after graduation.  It is unfortunate that history repeat itself, but if it forces people, particularly young people, to learn economics, then it's worth it. And finally, thanks to Obama, Nancy Pelosi will be forced into retirement and the GOP will see its biggest gains since 1994, if not greater.  That year, they picked up 52 seats in the House.  This year, they could take even more.  They will not take the Senate because not enough seats are at play.  They will, however, take the Senate Majority Leader's seat.

As for endorsements, BMBS endorses Rand Paul and Marco Rubio in the Kentucky and Florida senate races (and basically anyone else with an "R" next to their name).  Both Paul and Rubio will do a lot to help restore the GOP's brand to where it was before Bush:  deficit reduction, smaller government, more individual and personal freedom, no nation-building, greater respect for the Constitution.  Both will also be potential White House contenders in the coming decades.

Finally, BMBS endorses Donald Chumley for Benedictine head football coach.  Unfortunately such decisions are not left to polls, but a grassroots campaign still might be worth starting.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The 12 Months of Hilliard's: October

Sorry for the delay on this one...

Beefy, hearty Hamburger steak dinner will be offered for only $5.99 in October! Over half-pound of fresh ground beef, seasoned perfectly for grilling to order. Served with grilled onions and your choice of sides... great taste, GREATER PRICE!

Savannah's favorite fried shrimp dinner is only $8.99 in October. Hilliard's famous "hand-breaded" shrimp is our # 1 selling dinner for one reason... fresh taste, and now, at a GREAT PRICE - $ 8.99!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Olvey Field

Small town high school football at its finest.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The only government getting it right.

What are you talking about?

Patrick moved to Alpharetta. We love it here.

5 More Months!

I know it's a few days late, but you get the idea. I heard TC is moving back home. Welcome back!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazier things have happened before.

After beating up on Vanderbilt and one of the worst Tennessee teams of all time, delusional Dawg fans think they will make it to the SEC Championship game.

Another unlikely scenario is BC making the State Playoffs. The Cadets currently stand at 1-4 in region play. Their 3 remaining games are against Bradwell (2-4), Beach (3-2) and Groves (2-3). The Cadets control their own destiny and will make the playoffs if they win out.

So, which scenario is more likely to happen?

UGA wins the SEC East Division
BC earns a State Playoff berth

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 Years Ago: Hank Day

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Hank's last day at BC.

It was a Friday and the 4-1 Cadets were coming off a bye week after their upset win over Camden County, and preparing to take on the hapless Jenkins Warriors. Rumors about Hank's dismissal started swirling that morning and by lunchtime, plans were already being formed to celebrate the occasion.

Concensus says that the legend of Hank began in the fall of 1997 in the JV locker room. A group of visionary seniors, noticing that Hank's awkward appearance was a prefect match for his name, began quacking his name, like a duck. "HANK" spread like wildfire, and before you knew it, Hank was the most popular kid in school. As we progressed through BC, his legend only grew bigger. It was so infectious, it spread to the Jenkins Boys Club, where basketball teams were formed as the "Hanks" and the "Riners."

By the time 7th period had rolled around on that fateful day, the student-body had worked its way into a frenzy. Students ignored their teachers' lesson plan in order to make signs out of cardboard boxes. When the intercom instructed all students to report to the well, Hankmania erupted. Signs reading, "Hank, I'm pregnant!" and "Hank 3:16" were everwhere. Miss Burke stepped to the microphone and explained what was about to happen. We were informed that Hank would not have enough credits to graduate from BC, so he would be transferring to another school in an attempt to accumulate the required credits. She admonsihed the student-body for making light of the situation. Hank was then brought out to the footsteps of the well and stepped in front of the microphone. It was pure pandamonium. Choked by emotion, Hank squeaked out a barely-audible "Hut 2. Hut 2." and the greatest Fight Song in the history of BC ensued.

Hank quietly left the building and was never seen or heard from again. His whereabouts to this day are still unknown.

Below is a reenactment, loosely-based on the day's proceedings.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

RIP Garrett Kalinowsky

The Class of 2001 has lost its first member.