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Monday, November 08, 2010

Mad Men

I'm going through an intense Mad Men phase right now.  I'm just about done with Season 2 on NetFlix and can't get enough.  I get that the show, which takes place in the early 1960s, is probably supposed to be some liberal social commentary on just how backwards and wrong society was before the blessings of hippies, drugs, abortion on demand, draft dodgers, feminists, and single-parent households arrived and saved us all.

But just like with American Psycho, I tune the liberal message completely out and focus on the hilarity of the plot and its characters.  Maybe the joke's on me but I don't really care.  I walk into work every day now acting and talking like Don Draper.  I'll even put a little dab of Brylcreem in my hair sometimes, and I shave every morning with a double-edged safety razor and shaving soap too.  All I need now is a pack of Lucky Strikes and I'm set.  No wait, nevermind, smoking is gay.

Here's another clip (embedding is disabled) of Don Draper's college orientation:

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Instant Messenging

From the most trusted name in news, Savannah Morning News:
Obama Acknowledges His Message Didn't Get Through.

More conceited BS here, gang. In His mind, the story of the election centers on His ability to deliver His message...with no deference to the fact that the American people clearly delivered THEIRS on Tuesday.

"Hmm. No, this wasn't as much about the people delivering a message so much as it was about me failing to deliver mine. Where my Chomsky's at?!?"

What a jerk, right guys?

Good Call

Speaking of Coach Chumley... Sounds like he went "all Monken"(that's GSU head coach Jeff Monken, known for his Erk Russell-esque speeches) on Friday.

P.S. The Eagles upset FCS #1 App State at Paulson Stadium today. Go Eagles!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Homecoming 2010

The Cadets will take on the Pride of the Westside Groves Rebels tonight. Come early and wear your letter jacket!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Election Preview

- The GOP will win over 60 seats in the House, their biggest victory since 1938.  For years political scientists and strategists have looked to 1994 as the model of modern conservative resurgence.  No longer.  Starting tomorrow, they will instead look back to 2010.

- John Boehner will be about as interesting a House Speaker as a Jane Dolan government class.  He will not, however, be viewed as extreme, like our current one.  

- Harry Reid will lose to Sharron Angle in Nevada.

- We could very well see a 50-50 Senate.

- All of this will seal Obama's re-election chances, if he is smart.  I'm not sure he is, though.  Intellectual?  Certainly.  Smart?  Not so sure.

- Barnes vs. Deal?  Who cares.  I don't even know who belongs to what party and I have no clue what their respective platforms are.  It's state politics.  Voting for PTO mom is probably more relevant.  I would still vote Republican though.

- Republicans winning will mean more gridlock at the federal level, which is great news.  Most in the media love to chastise gridlock as evidence that Washington is "broken" and that "nothing gets done."  But anyone who's read the country's founding documents or Federalist No. 51 knows that that's the whole point.

The whole federal structure intricately designed by Jefferson and Madison was intended to prevent stuff from happening and to prevent policy-making from being held hostage by voters' short-term passions.  George Will put it best on ABC's This Week yesterday: "Gridlock is not an American problem, it is an American achievement.  The founders did not want an efficient government, they wanted a safe government.  Gridlock is not a sign that the system is broken.  It's a sign the system is working."