Friday, October 30, 2009

Michael Mcdonald Halloween

I could not stop laughing when Pat posted the Michael Mcdonald Camp, so I found this parody about Halloween that gave me a few laughs.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Saw this from Glenn Beck. Straight cut and paste, I know, but this is what we're up against. This transcript is from an audio clip taken from Detroit residents who were in line to register for stimulus money. No one seems to get that all this Obama cash has to come from somewhere.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Will you know today how much money you are getting?
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: No I won't, but I'm waiting for a phone call.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Where's the money coming from?
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I believe it's coming from the city of Detroit or the state.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Where did they get it from?
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Some funds that was given by Obama.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: And where did Obama get the funds?
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Obama might of got the funds from, umm... I have no idea to tell you the truth. He's the president.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Why are you here?
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: To get some money.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: What kind of money?
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Where's it coming from?
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: And where did Obama get it?
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I don't know, his stash? I don't know. I don't know where he got it from but he's giving it to us to help us to help us. We love him. That's why we voted for him. Obama! Obama!

Never Gets Old...

Which means it's worth reposting.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's all about the cans, brah.

One night only!
Live at the Cafetorium
Concert for Cans
This Saturday Night
Admission: $5 or 5 canned food items
Proceeds benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I know one thing we can agree on...

When a professional gets his mits on a song, that's when it really takes off.

Since we're endorsing things now...

BMBS is proud to endorse GEORGIA TECH for the 2009 Governor's Cup!

Rubio Picking Up Steam

BMBS is proud to endorse Marco Rubio in the 2010 race for US Senate in Florida.

Rubio's opponent, governor Charlie Crist, is the definition of a RINO. A McCain supporter, he represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. Thinks global warming is the biggest threat we face today. Thinks profits are evil. Thinks Republicans should say and do whatever is necessary to win elections, and that means making peace with big government and acting and sounding more like Democrats.

Worst of all, Crist adamantly supported the passage of the stimulus bill (how's that working out now by the way, with unemployment nearing double-digits and deficits quadruple what they were under Bush?).

Rubio, meanwhile, represents everything that is right about the Republican Party. Young. Catholic. Cuban. Working-class background. Name me one other politician that will automatically make you think of free markets, spicy pork sandwiches, small government, Red Stripe beer, balanced budgets, Miami Sound Machine, low tax rates, and Cali-and-Tito's all at once. Rubio strongly opposed passage of the stimulus bill and rightly predicted it would drive up the deficit and unemployment. Most importantly, he always calls 'em like he sees 'em. Finally, a Republican politician that says what he means and means what he says. Haven't seen that in about 20 years.

Crist had been holding a 20-30 point lead over Rubio in polls in the last few months, mainly because many Floridians have never even heard of the man. But the most recent Rasmussen poll shows Rubio slowly but surely closing the gap: he now trails Crist by only 14 points. As more and more conservatives being to learn of Rubio and his conservative convictions/credentials, one can only see him further closing this gap between now and the summer.

So Mike Reardon, as the only sunshine stater here, you need to be sure to head to the polls in July and vote for this man. Don't let us down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Real American Hero

Today, we salute you, Mr. BC war hero guy...

Christopher "Kit" Lowe '05 returned to BC yesterday to speak to the student body. On duty in Afghanistan, Kit took a bullet in the leg while covering for a medic that was attending to a fatally wounded soldier. He presented his purple heart medal to the school.

Read the SMN article here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SNL Transcripts

SNL Transcripts

Norm MacDonald on Weekend Update:

In North Dakota this week, a hunter narrowly escaped death when a pocketknife in his breast pocket deflected a bullet shot by another hunter. Man, you know we have too many weapons in this country when people are getting shot in the knife. ... [light applause]

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Inventions of the 2000's

Hard to believe we're about to see this decade come to a close. It seems like only last night we were at Joanna Curry's house on Wilmington Island counting down to Y2k. Here are the top 6 (weird number, I know) inventions of the last ten years:

6. Wireless Internet: We all take this for granted now but it wasn't too long ago you had to deal with a million different cords and connections and still pay $40 per month to hobble back and forth between the TV screen and your computer to look up lines/place bets/listen to the BC sports network.

5. Fox News: FNC actually debuted in '96 but did not reach its full prominence until around 2001-2002. For the first time ever, a non-liberal TV news organization. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe for a second that Fox is fair and balanced, but neither are any of the other bazillion media outlets/newspapers/universities that liberals have dominated for the last half-century. Finally we get to have a voice.

4. The Self-Scan at Grocery Stores: These came about a good while back but we can't leave them out. If you're like me and you've worked at a grocery store and/or you hate dealing with people (both apply here), the self-scan is definitely for you. The wait is usually a fraction of what it takes to get checked out at a normal register, you don't have to talk to anybody, and it helps the economy by allowing grocery stores to become productive with less employees, which means lower prices for the consumer.

3. The Ipod: Like most people on here, I was skeptical of MP3 players when they first arrived on the scene at the beginning of the decade, and remained so until a couple years ago. Nothing aggravated me more walking around campus in Athens seeing metro-ATL douches with their earplugs and their "I'm in my own world right now because I don't have people skills" attitude. Which is why you'd never see me with one of these things outside. But for driving purposes, the ipod is now a must.

2. Carey Hilliard's Wing Zings: but only when they're half price (during the entire month of September!!).

1. Coke Zero: Our #1 product debuted in the fall of 2005. I never drink any non-Coke soft-drinks (except Dr. Pepper because it is from Texas, the greatest state in the union), so I was happy when Coke Zero arrived. Don't get me wrong, Coke tastes great and remains my favorite all-around soft-drink, but after you drink it you sometimes get that sugary feeling that coats your teeth and it's real annoying. The only alternative pre-2005 was Diet Coke, which isn't all bad but certainly doesn't live up to its prototype. Enter Coke Zero, which tastes just like Coke but isn't bad for you.

Honorable mentions: Hi-definition TV's, GPS, the yellow line first-down marker, blogs, Carabba's.

Is There Any End To His Greatness?

Yesterday, The Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.  Personally, I think it's long overdue.
He's far from finished.  Vegas oddsmakers have him favored to wrap up the Heisman Trophy, the American League MVP award, and a Pulitzer Prize for a funny email he forwarded around the office last week.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tech-UGA in Georgia Dome?

Discussions are being held about the possibility of the Jackets and the Dawgs playing in the Georgia Dome during the opening weekend of the 2011 season. This is a terrible idea for a few reasons.
1. The game would lose its significance being played during the first week.
2. Both Tech and UGA would have to find replacement games for the last week of the season. These games would likely be against lower-tier FBS teams or FCS teams.
3. Neither team would be able to schedule a good out-of-conference game to start the season.

I have a feeling that both fan bases will be vehemently against this, so I doubt it will come to fruition.

Lamar Owens Update

From Paul Johnson's call in show last night:

Wes: Lamar Owens, former Navy player on sideline, what's his role?
CPJ: He's a graduate asst., understands the offense, works with QBs and BBacks as an information resource between series to answer questions or help make adjustments

Monday, October 05, 2009

We Lost To Beach In '96...

Not the time to hang your heads, Cadets. Friday night you proved you can compete with anybody in the region. I won't make it in town for homecoming because I'll need to save up taking Friday afternoons off for mid-November...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I Blame Bush

So Chicago lost their bid for the 2016 Olympics. Some liberals have immediately blamed W for this. Is it so hard to believe that the golden boy is not going to get what he wants for once (socialized health care is still undecided).

Friday, October 02, 2009

Cautious Optimism

Are they for real?

We'll find out tonight.

Too bad I'll be in Bourbon Street during the 4th quarter. Expect score requests via text message.