Monday, January 31, 2011

Collateral Damage

The new smoking ban is driving riffraff into the Oak Rail at the KofC. Not good. Also, lots of people were still smoking at Pinkie's.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gorilla Walks Like A Man!

Get this guy an Affliction t-shirt, some Gucci sunglasses, and some hair gel and send him to the Jersey Shore. He'll fit right in.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paul Ryan

Nailed it last night.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oceans '01

Let's "rewind the tape" and revisit one of the greatest acts of espionage in BC history. The context:

It was late January '01. Bush Part Duex was just sworn in as president, and CDT/LTC Lane ran the tightest "battalion of monkeys" (Owens, p. 463) that BC had ever seen, despite his inability to get his hair cut short enough to meet the demanding specifications of our SAI (until he shaved it). After the "Innecken-Contra Affair" of late 2000, the heat was on our strapping protagonist on a near-hourly basis from senior members of the Cadre.

Enter CDT/CPT Wh*****ge, 1st BN S3, and a hell of a guy. As S3, CDT/CPT Wh*****ge's job primarily consisted of making sure that he gave the office notice to make an announcement when we had PT, thereby giving notice to the Mighty Fightin' Men of B-N-1 to bring their gym clothes. This grueling task had to be repeated upwards of 6 times throughout the academic year. In the chaos of the day-to-day duties of a Battalion S3, the Cap managed to forget to drop off the announcement roughly 3 of those 6 times.

The first two times that the battalion missed PT due to lack of notice given to the men(possibly still a record), our American Heroes had to suffer devastatingly difficult tours of Justice Under God. At the end of the LTC's 8th tour (again, possibly a record), the Cap famously said, "Lieu, I will never be responsible for us having to do this again." Always a man of his word, the Cap was committed to never have the men miss PT again.

Fast forward the tapes to (literally) the next time we were scheduled for PT.

It was a cold January Monday morning. Tensions were high in the well, as our heroes rushed to finish their homework that they had neglected for approximately 3 days. By the end of homeroom, panic set in amongst the leadership of the 2nd Battalion, as they realized that they had made the fatal error that had caused so much suffering for their counterparts across the courtyard.

At lunch, our heroes made light of the fact that they were, apparently, not the only ones who forgot to alert the troops about PT.

Fast forward the tapes again...this time, to the second year of college.

Having retired from the service of our country, and believing that the statute of limitations had passed, The Ol' Cap shared the true story of what happened that fateful January morning:

Shortly after 7 AM, the S3 had that old familiar feeling. Rushing to the training circular in a near panic, he realized that he had, yet again, forgotten to alert the Titans of the Mighty First that they needed to bring their Russell Athletic apparrel to drill. ALAS! No one was around. So he changed the posted training schedule to reflect that the 2nd Battalion had PT that day. And the rest is history.

10 Year Reunion "Feeler"

My self and a few other BC classmates, yet to be disclosed, met at the Skidaway Rd. Carey Hilliards last week to hash out ideas for the big 10 year extravaganza. We decided to rent out the Charles Morris Center/ Trustee Garden hall, black tie with a 4 course meal, Stewart Winfield, and a photographer. We decided on a reasonable fee of $200 per person.

Yeah right, we would not come up with such a stupid plan. (If you didn't know, the SVA girls in our class attempted a similar course of action, and the whole thing blew up. Now those girls have no plan.)

Instead, in our infinite wisdom, we decided to have a BYOB night, guys only, on a Friday. This will be followed by a gathering at a bar/ restaurant the second night (dates allowed.) Our aim is to be as cheap as possible, yet still retain a good time. (Neither of which the SVA girls will obtain.)

We are now trying to settle on a date. Our group has proposed the weekend of Friday, June 24th as the tentative reunion date.

What do y'all say? Let me know if you see a big problem with the time frame (i.e. weddings, babies, conceptions, etc.)

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring Break '11

Wristbands snipped for St. Pat's

Not that this really applies to us anymore, but I never understood the point of gating River Street. People under 21 could still go down there and Savannah allows open-containers downtown year-round, so nothing was really being "contained." The money collected from the wristbands simply paid for the gating and security needed to enforce the gating, with a nominal amount of profit left over.

Therefore, I think the city made a good decision. However, I do not have any intentions to meander down to River Street on St. Patrick's Day in the foreseeable future. As much as I love Kevin Barry's, it is not the same place on March 17th as it is every other day of the year.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HLN Rundown: January 13, 2011

For the past few weeks, we've kept Headline News (HLN) on TV in the lobby at work. I am now further convinced that nothing shown on HLN is ever worthy of headlines or even news.

That being said, I'm going to give a brief rundown of today's top stories.

- A girl from The Jersey Shore got into a fight.

- Carrie Fischer is the new face of Jenny Craig. She's put on a few since her stint in the Rebel Army.

- Kendal Kardashian is the newest Kardashian sister to become famous for nothing. She is 15, has some pictures on the internet, and is acting like a total whore.

- A few years ago, Oprah made a movie. It didn't do well, so she ate a lot of mac and cheese.

- Some wealthy gentleman crashed his plane into a beach in Florida. No one died.

- Lebron James tweeted something about the how the Cavaliers aren't as good as when he was there.

- Mark Wahlberg quit smoking pot.

And finally, today's top story:

- An Asian couple had identical quadruplets. Everyone is super amazed that these children will grow up looking exactly alike.

This has been HLN Rundown. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 5: Soft Drinks

5. Diet Dr. Pepper
4. Coke Zero
3. Dr. Pepper
2. Regular Coke
1. Cherry Coke (Waffle House kind, in particular)

Chair Tipping

Remember those nasty, green cafeteria chairs that we used to like to tip over? Well, apparently they are worth a lot of money. Hank, meet me at the cafeteria loading dock tonight and we'll load up your truck, sell these puppies on ebay and retire early!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time to Get Serious

B'gorrah! Only 65 more days!

We have some business to discuss...

1. This month, the 17th falls on Monday, which is also MLK Day. Since Monday is a holiday, I propose that we hold our monthly meeting at Kevin Barry's on Sunday night, the 16th.

2. We need to schedule the 4th Annual Irish Hurricanes' Gael Force Parade Route Run. My suggestion is to hold the race on Tuesday, March 15th.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 5: Bourbon Street Standards

This month, we mark Bourbon Street's 9th birthday. We need to start getting ideas together of how we plan to celebrate the big 1-0 next year.






Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What's That, Screech?

"Slippery slope," be damned..this is a rockslide.

A California court ruled in favor of warrantless searches of cell phones by police. Unfortunately, technology has advanced since Zach Morris' day, and cell phones are now esentially supercomputers.
Couldn’t agree more with this AM's Wall Street Journal.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Movie Review: Little Fockers= awful

When I first got on this blog my first post was about Jim Carey's Yes Man, which was dubious movie of epic proportions. Then came this piece of of crap, Little Fockers. I rather watch Stephen Leonard do a 100 tax returns than sit through the agony that was Little Fockers.

Plain and simple, it is called Little Fockers, but the kids are rarely in it. This movie is such a marketing ploy. Get a lot of great actors and pay them a couple million each to act off a script no better than a power rangers episode. Everyone may say, "Well MAR why did you see this?" Don't ask!

Here is what I came out feeling after this movie:
-Ben Stiller is not funny
-Robert De Niro knows it sucks, so he goes over the top with his Character
-Dustin Hoffman is not funny
-Barbra Streisand should not act
-Why is Harvey Keitel in this?
-Jessica Alba is hot, but her acting is like listening to someone scratching their nails on the chalk board
- Why did they say Focker jokes over 60 times in this movie?
- Why has this movie made almost 100 million?
- I am fed up with puking gag scenes
- "The Godfocker"......seriously?
- Why did I watch this and contribute to the 100 million

Please do not see this!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Mr. Irrelevant

The BMBS MOTY Award is now officially meaningless. Nothing against Shane. He's a good guy and one of my friends. But what has he done? This isn't the "He's a Nice Guy Award." If it was, we would just give it to Reardon every year.

Happy New Year Everyone!