Wednesday, March 09, 2005

You Might Be a Cracker on St. Patrick's Day If...

If you confuse a four-leaf clover for a might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you paint/dye any part of your body might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you think Wet Willie's is the place to might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you purchase anything from a street might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you choose Destin over might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you do not wear your Sunday might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you do wear a t-shirt that says Patrick was a saint; I ain' might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you are a member of the Irish Drinking might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you don't know it's St. Patrick's might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.

If you got River faced on Shit might be a cracker on St. Patrick's Day.


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Sunday, March 06, 2005

One more week...

...until Spring Break. Happy late birthday to William Fleming, a great American. This, for some reason, remains my favorite picture of Will:

That was back when he was the one who had hair, and I was the one who didn't.

It was a so-so weekend in Athens. Friday night we went to yet another random sorority girl's apartment for a keg, where we knew no one and were the only ones there not from Dunwoody. Here's Katie, Tim's girlfriend, and Ryan AKA George Harrison during the White Album sessions:

Here's Stephen, pointing at what he plans to steal next:

And here's me, thinking about just how fun these past 4 years really have been. The Atlanta tool bags are in the background:

Friday, March 04, 2005

The List

In the wake of last nights fratty encounter, i decided to compile a list of the frattiest names that I could think of. This is only a tentative list and one can make a suggestion in the "comments" section if they wish to make an addition to "The List". So, here we go:
And any full name with greater than or equal to three Roman Numerals (Ex. Walker Percy Jones III).

If your name appears on this least it is 90% likely that you will live off your parent's money your entire life.

Frat Dude of the Week

While working in Savannah for the past three months, I have forgotten about this fascinating creature,... Frat Dude. I pledge myself from here on out to document this animal weekly on BMBS, if time permits. Hopefully, this research will benefit mankind for generations to come.

Four hours after my triumphant return to Athens, this amazing species revealed itself to me after what seemed months of hibernation. You see, Frat Dude has taken a hold on the once noble card game of Texas Holdem'. I saw this development in its infancy last year, but upon my return this phenomena has exploded to epic proportions. Ryan, Pat, Tim, and I live in a condominium complex of about 10 units named Talmadge Close. Apparently, our next door neighbors have developed a hot bed for Frat Dude activity and its card playing. At least three nights a week, especially Tuesdays, and when the moon is full, every last parking space is abused be souped up SUVs from the great states of FL, TN, AL, and the occasional TX. What compounds this situation is the fact that these Frat Dudi are sophomores, and better yet, members of the most dudest frat of all... SAE.

As Pat and I were getting into his car to catch the $2.00 Guinness specials downtown, Frat Dude A walks out with Frat Dude B from next store.
A: "Dude, I'm traaashed" (with cigarette and kegger cup in hand, mesh trucker hat worn backwards, and of course, shaggy hair)
B: "I hear ya buuddy, my last hand was, like, hitting the s*$% tank."
A: "Man f@+#, dude, next semester we're either gonna live in this here crib, or the crib next door. We're gonna rule this place!"
B: "I hear ya Dex, but I don't know" (with a tense drunk pensive expression.)
A: "What are you talkin about Brody? Man, if you want we can get a HOOUUSE. That s*$% will be faat."

Take note, the word crib is used twice in one sentence... and next semester these creatures might rule Talmadge Close.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Weekly Update

Just a few things to cover:

First, Jue is coming up here this weekend. Since the departure of Jue last summer and Leonard last December, Athens has been in a party recession. We look forward to the return of these two great individuals.

Second, American economic growth clocked in at a brisk 3.8% last quarter, the fastest in the developed world (even though the New York Times chose not to report it). Meanwhile, the German unemployment rate is at an all-time high of 12.6% (ours is 5.2%). Kudlow also has two great posts about the benefits of the spread of capitalism and the democratic "domino" effect going on in the Middle East right now because of Iraq. His new show that comes on at 5 pm on CNBC is fabulous, and much better than The UC or whatever.

And last, I'm kicking Arvind off. It appears that his online contributions, like his real-life contributions, amount to nothing. So after I post this, I will take great pleasure in kicking his ass off.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Even more reason to watch The OC

The official "Star Wars" website has announced that the anticipated full release trailer for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, consisting over two minutes of new footage, is coming next week.First, on Thursday, March 10th at 8 p.m., be sure to tune in to FOX to catch an all new episode of The O.C. During the broadcast, FOX will air the "Episode III" trailer.

The trailer will debut online for members of Hyperspace after the broadcast (around 9:00 p.m. Pacific time). Lucas Online has partnered with AOL and to provide readers with fast and reliable access to "Episode III" video content.Subscribers to AOL will be able to see the trailer at this time as well.

Regular visitors to will be able to see the trailer online starting on March 14th. A large size version of the trailer will soon be made available only to Hyperspace members after that date.