Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Most Amazing Sight I've Ever Seen

Rick Schwarz's bar tab at just one of the many bars frequented this past weekend. I think that turns out to be something like a 70% tip.

OIA has the weekend's full recap. All I will say is the image Saturday afternoon of Rick violently parading down that long stretch of 5th street in Midtown (which is full of Starbuckses, bookstores, Asian cuisines/cafes, and other "smart people" places), along with the words coming out of his mouth, will be one for the history books.

UPDATE: I go to 5:30 mass like always but am surprised to find Rick and Pat McCarthy in a pew. Rick is donning a bright red Georgia sweatshirt and says he hasn't been to mass in a decade or so but he's there because he all of a sudden "has a lot to be thankful for". We leave after communion, and as we're quietly streaming out of the church building alongside other parishioners, Rick declares in a much-louder-than-necessary volume: "I don't care what anyone says, I still think that shit is overrated."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Most Amazing Place I've Ever Seen

Since we did Thanksgiving at my brother's house in Arizona this year, Rachel and I decided to take off for a day and make the four hour drive to the Grand Canyon.

It's hard to adequately capture the vastness of this place with the camera on my phone, but the Grand Canyon was incredible. We hiked about two miles into the canyon, then turned around to make it out by sunset. That's about when this picture was taken.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From an Interview with Miley Cyrus

On the possibility of leaving Los Angeles behind:

“I think one day I’ll live on Tybee [Island, where The Last Song was filmed]. That’s where I see myself 10 years from now. I could see myself maybe wanting to just chill out and be somewhere like that. And that’s where I feel at home, where I feel like my heart is.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Da Bears

BC seniors Jibri Bryan and Daniel Coursey signed national letters of intent yesterday to play basketball for the Mercer Bears. Congratulations guys, but wacth out for the Mercer fans, they are a wild bunch.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Recap: Auburn Weekend

Things started off well Friday night. After sitting on 316 for what seemed like hours I roll into town in my rental car and enjoy a nice dinner with the other three members of my family at Olive Garden (which is really just the Italian Applebee's because everything is obviously just heated up frozen stuff; I could do a hell of lot better spaghetti and meatballs than they do).

We get to the BC reunion at Bourbon Street upstairs around 10:30 and it's already packed. But that's okay because anywhere between 30-60% of the entire crowd is BC/SVA people. Fight song was sung numerous times, both Friday and Saturday nights. Just as Donnie Bell tells his fifth or sixth prospect he wants to rape her and tells her something about 9/11, power hour ends and everyone is angry because liquor drinks are now $2 instead of $1.

We stay at "Bourbon" for awhile and then hit a few other places. Finally make it back to my sister's around 3 am.

We head to a tailgate the next morning where cadets Fogarty and Shearouse are present. We celebrate the 5A decision and sing the fight song. I then finally get in touch with Ryan Smith, who I think is still a blogger on here. We head downtown and knock a couple back at Arch Bar.

Somewhere in between figuring out the only state capital that contains three words and hearing Ryan's story about having to leave the homecoming game because he felt awkward for purposely giving Nardis Walker his parent's phone number instead of his own to avoid having to explain why he hadn't been returning Nardis' calls which then prevented Nardis from being able to call him right there on the spot and confirm it was in fact his cell phone number, I get a phone call from Stephen Bruce. Unfortunately my phone doesn't have an option where you can replay what the caller is saying at one-tenth the original speed (kind of like the Talkboy from Home Alone or that thing they used in Dick Tracy to find out what Mumbles was saying), so I have no idea what he's told me. I always have a problem interpreting Burnside Island accents but Bruce's is by far the worst.

Anyway, I assume he's trying to say that he's in town and at the Zeigler's tailgate, and I'm right. We meet up there and I try to convince him that marriage is a poor decision. Given my track record with Will and TC, it surprisingly doesn't stick and we leave from there to get something to eat at "Tate II," a giant waste of marble and concrete that serves no economic/academic purpose whatsoever but looks pretty cool.

After the game we make it back to Bourbon Street. Same crowd is there for round 2. After about the 7th Toby Keith standard everyone heads across the street to what used to be Tasty World. Schwarz and McCarthy need a place to stay so they come back with us. Rick has a few choice words for the random people already asleep on the sofa.

We all head out the next morning, leaving the Classic City so we can hurry back to the "real world", filled with its traffic, minorities, middle-aged fat women, overpriced alcohol, and poorly-run Chick-fil-A's.

I can only end this on a positive note by saying move over Kelly and say hello to my new crush. Her name is Taylor and her song gets played every hour in every Athens bar. Why can't she see? She belongs with me!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Morning Poll Numbers

What a difference a year makes.

I'm no great prognosticator and a million things can and will change in the span of 11 months, but my guess is that if the Republican candidates keep hitting hard on the stuff they should (taxing/spending/big government and big deficits are evil-type issues) and moderate on the social issues that few people care about, we might be looking at a GOP sweep next year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

On this Day, 54 years ago...

One of the most important events ever occurred. I know you would rather read something from Snuff-dog about the Cadets. Me too. But on this day, November 5th, 1955, a certain doctor, while standing on a toilet to hang a clock in his bathroom, slipped and slammed his head into the sink. He then had vision, nay, a revelation. A picture appeared in his head and it changed the world.

The Ham Wants to Crash the Party, aka Munch's Revenge

Rumors keep popping up regarding reclassification. Effingham and South Effingham are now apparently considering the move up to 5A as well. It all comes down to money and the less travel you have, the less money you have to spend. Feel free to comment, but I promise not to post on this topic again until something official has happened.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Richmond Hill?

The word on the street is that Richmond Hill is seriously considering joining BC in 5A. RH currently reside in Region 3-AAA, with Liberty County being the only other school within a 2-hour radius. If that happens, Region 3-AAAAA would look like this:
Camden County
Richmond Hill
Savannah High
Windsor Forest

According to the GHSA by-laws, regions consisting of 10 or more schools must be subdivided. The GHSA also states that schools in a subdivided region for football must play region "cross over" games so that 70% of the season schedule is against teams in the same region.

Snuffy, what does all this mean?

I'm glad you asked.

If Richmond Hill joins 5A with BC, that will create a 10-team region that will have to be subdivided. The football schedule would include 4 sub-region games, 3 region cross-over games, and 3 games that BC can schedule on its own. The top 2 teams in each sub-region would advance to the state playoffs. This is similar to our old arrangement in 5A, except it was a 12-team region with Glynn and Brunswick included.

If Richmond Hill does not join 5A, then that will leave a 9-team region. The football schedule will consist of 8 region games and 2 non-region games that BC can schedule on its own. The top 4 teams would advance to the state playoffs.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Blue Horshoe Loves 5A

An unconfirmed source from Seawright Drive is reporting that Benedictine will rejoin the AAAAA classification beginning next school year.