Friday, September 30, 2011

More Stickers

Happy Homecoming!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Mugshots

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. These guys sure did.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Jack"ass Status Update on Facebook

The title is a pun on the status update author's name, which was posted just 30 minutes ago. Many of the BMBS Nation knows this "Jack" ( and I'm not talking about a Holland) and would not be surprised by it. This goes into the many ways why Facebook could ruin a potential employee's chances for a professional career. Here we go...

" Jack V...... got the worst beer shits today. gonna go get some drinks at toppers, heard they've got semi-private bathrooms there. who's wants to go? text me."

On a second thought, this could be a hilarious prank by one of his friends who gained access to Jack's "smart" phone.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Casey Anthony Worth Dating? Pros and Cons

So it's been months since the controversial trial ended, yet I still can't get online without being updated on what this chick is up to. We're not even Facebook friends! Since she's not going away anytime soon, I decided to look at her situation though a different scope.

Check the comments section of any story about her and you will always find a few comments about how hot she is. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but by all tangible criteria, she is a physically attractive woman. There are a few Facebook pages dedicated to this fact.

She was found not guilty in her sensationalized murder trial, so once this probation for check fraud clears up, she'll essentially just be another female in the world, except for the whole alleged child murder thing. She'll likely try and date, but would she be worth dating? That's what I've tried to figure out, so I've compiled some pros and cons.

Nice Rack
Slim Figure
Not to much junk in the tr... I mean she has a nice butt
Likes to Party
Knows how to keep kids quiet
Slutty friends
Can probably hold her liquor
May not be a murderer

Ohio State fan
Probably an annoying drunk (e.g. Shouts "Woooo!" a lot.)
Long-term commitment questionable.
She gets around.
Pesky legal trouble
Bad with money
Questionable morals/integrity
May be a murderer

There you have it. If this were fantasy football, Casey might go in the last round or you might be able to get her on waivers, but you'd still be a little excited about picking her up. Her ideal man would be an older man who could pay for things, but definitely no kids. This is all moot though because apparently she's dating her attorney. Who wouldn't? The guy's a miracle worker!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Trouble On the Farm

Pinkie's is in trouble. They are making no money and getting noise complaints thanks to the smoking ban.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Halfway There

7:30 BC vs. High School

10:30 Trinity

Friday, September 16, 2011

Blind Melon, closet Catholics?

Check out this jam out from School House Rocks featuring my favorite band, Blind Melon. Although best known for the singer's drug induced performances, this song makes a few hidden references to Catholicism... if you want to stretch it. In reality, it's just a bunch of hippie druggies playing a children's song from the 70s.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hate Week

Join us along with Dawgs and B Street as we celebrate hate week. The oldest rivalry in the state resumes on Saturday and the Cadets look to be the favorite.  This matchup used to be the main event in all of Southeast Georgia and the Coastal Empire.  Thanks to federally-mandated busing in the 1970's, it now means nothing.  The bright side:  we get to hear SHS's band during all 48 minutes of play.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Real Jobs Plan for the US

So supposedly the President is going to give another big "jobs speech" tonight, emphasizing the need for businesses to create employment for people so that the economy won't be so bad three years into his term. Obviously this is a ploy to keep voters reminded that the White House remains intensely "focused" on the economy and how bad it remains, that he feels people's pain, and that he wants to do all he can to salvage re-election in 14 months.

This near-sighted focus on "jobs" at any cost is misplaced (and, let's be fair, some in the GOP are just as guilty:  "jobs, jobs, jobs" has been the rallying cry for both parties during the past year).  The fact is that jobs are the means, not the ends, of economic activity.  The goal of the capitalistic economy is to produce goods and services that people can use, not just to feel good because you have "somewhere to go" for 8 hours per day.

A prime example:  many on the left like to claim that World War II "got us out" of the Great Depression.  And if you looked only at GDP and the unemployment statistics, that's true.  The problem, however, is that GDP and unemployment are macroeconomic figures invented by Keynsians that don't tell the whole story.  So while it's true that spending rose and lots of jobs were created after Pearl Harbor, all the jobs and spending were on tanks, bullets, and battleships.  We can't eat any of those things.  We can't use them for anything that makes our lives easier.  They don't make us any better off than we were before, and with all of the brutal rationing rules that were imposed on families and the private sector because of the war effort, I would even argue the economy was worse off during the war, not better.  Keynsian stats don't capture this though; they simply confirm their own bias towards government spending.  I like the line from the recent Hayek-Keynes video, where Hayek claims we could easily solve unemployment tomorrow by drafting everybody into the army or the peace corpse, but that we'd also starve to death because there would be no food.       

The truth is that the US has steadily gotten wealthier over the past 200 years by producing more stuff with less jobs, not more.  So the goal of public policy should be to allow for the creation of productive, private sector jobs that create more value than what they cost.  Taxing consumption instead of investment and income would be a start.  Reforming entitlements and reducing public sector spending would boost private sector spending.  With youth unemployment near all-time highs, lowering the minimum wage would finally help teens and college kids get their feet in the door.  Stopping the printing presses and ending quantitative easing programs would end inflation, allow interest rates rise to where they ought to be, and encourage true savings and investment in the economy.

Unfortunately we won't hear anything remotely resembling these proposals tonight.  Instead it will just be more federal spending, more temporary quick-fixes and suspensions, exemptions, write-offs provisions, and other tax code tweaks that in no way incentivize long-term planning and growth or inspire confidence for businesses, more tax cuts for people that don't even really pay taxes in the first place so that they will go out and hopefully consume more stuff, etc.  If Obama will not come to his senses, it is incumbent on the GOP to fill the void.  Romney and Perry talk a good game but I'm still not convinced either truly gets it.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Moment

It is part of the human experience to be forced to endure hardships. Occasionally, a society will encounter one such common event that is powerful enough to change our entire outlook on the world. It is how we choose to remember these events, and the lessons that we learn from them, that ultimately define not only the experience itself, but ourselves as a people. This weekend, most of us will reflect on the events of 9/11/01.

We will undoubtedly be bombarded by television coverage that will touch a nerve deep within all of us. The old saying claims that time heals all wounds, but the vast range of emotions experienced by most Americans in September of 2001 have made it such that a short decade of reflection is not enough.

Many will grieve the thousands of lives lost on that morning. Others will ponder their own mortality. Some will re-hash the anger, pain, and frustration they felt that day, while still others will focus positively on the patriotic fervor that began on 9/12/01.

While individuals will focus on different aspects of the events of that dark day, every single one of us will relive The Moment…that instant that we realized the depth of what was happening…The Moment that we lost our (relative) innocence as a society…The Moment that we lost our naivety …The Moment that drastically altered the course of world events for the foreseeable decades.

So, what is the legacy of 9/11? Is it that loss of innocence which will define it? Perhaps the individual lives lost? Or is it the policy decisions and wars that have followed?

When I think about the legacy of the worst day in American history, I think about the passengers of Flight 93, who were essentially forced into a suicide mission to save lives on the ground. I think of the Ports Authority workers and firemen who ran up the stairs of the World Trade Center into a hopeless inferno in order to help their fellow man. I think about the men who worked tirelessly at Ground Zero for months, many of whom are now suffering through cancer from the exposure to toxic fumes. I think about the firemen, new and old, who still pause for a moment to reflect on photos in makeshift memorials in firehouses throughout New York City, and then jump on their rig and speed off into harm’s way. I think about my countless friends that have enlisted and served in the Armed Forces, knowing full well the inevitable sacrifices and dangers of their service. I think of all of those who have served, and continue to serve, honorably. I think of God, and then thank Him for the heroes of that day, and those that have emerged as heroes since.

I think of the way that we banded together as one people, united in a cause, and I see that as hope for the future of what truly is “The Last, Best Hope of Mankind”: the United States of America. We suffer hardships, we make mistakes, and there are times when we find ourselves in such a state of disunion over political issues that we wonder if the American Dream is fading into the annals of history. But, when circumstances are at their worst, that which makes America so great is at its best: the intrinsic goodness in each of us, regardless of race, sex, or political affiliation. In fact, the very attacks conjured up and perpetrated to weaken the American resolve serve only to strengthen it, and no bombs or terrorists will ever weaken that steel.

This weekend, expect political posturing and retrospective finger-pointing to devour some portion of the dialogue, but remember the true legacy of September 11th, 2001:
When we were presented with The Moment, we made it Our Moment!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ridiculous Baby Names

I'll have to congratulate Snuffy and TC on giving thier sons normal names.
The local "Southern" trend aims to give children aristocratic last names for first names, to bolster the child's air of importance in this "hey-look-at-my-son-isn't-he-great!" era.

Such ridiculousness includes names as "Jackson or Jaxson, Brayden, Anderson, Cooper, Sutton, Madison, Graydon, Talmadge, Finley, Bay, etc." The list goes on. My favorite excuse for the ridiculous name from new mom is "I thought it was cute!"

But, this "Southern" trend isn't near as bad as in Hollywood. I thought this FoxNews piece was pretty funny.

Friday, September 02, 2011

The Quotable Curley

"When they first came out, I thougt 'Holy Cow'..."

Triple Play X 2

Thursday, September 01, 2011