Friday, March 07, 2008

The UK, the EU, and the end of Christian Europe.

Has anyone heard of this potentially devastating news? On March 5, 2008 Britain's MPs have approved the Treaty of Lisbon, which is a disguised "substitute for the Constitution that failed in 2005 after being defeated by the Dutch and French..." For those of you not up to date on current affairs, a big push is being made by the socialists on Europe to create an autocratic type government to encompass all the Euro nations, more commonly known as the European Union. This European Union would in fact become a nanny state, redistributing resources from one country to the next, all the while suppressing each nations right to bear arms, limit immigration, and (most importantly) to protect it's own borders. The EU was first organized as merely a trade union, like OPEC. But, more recently a different animal has been born. With the rise of Islam in Western Europe (notice how I don't say "Extremist Islam" or "Radical Islam" since the whole of Islam is both extreme and radical) this creation of a politically correct welfare state could result in the end of Europe as we know it.

Also, there is a connection here between the conflict in Serbia over Kosovo's new independence. Kosovo is a region of Serbia, and the birthplace of the Serbian Orthodox Church. After years of conflict, Kosovo became a haven for ethnic Albanians, the majority of whom are Muslim. Kosovo has now declared independence from Serbia... throwing fuel to the fire of that region's historical conflict between the Christian and Mulsim population.

On the face of it, a normal American may say "Hey, good for Kosovo to seek independence. We are all lovers of liberty, let's go Kosovo! Those mean Serbians, just let the Kosovar's have their own country." But, dig a little deeper, and you'll find a more sinister motive to the Kosovar's actions. The independence of Kosovo is backed by 1. European Union and 2. Islamic Terrorists. The EU's interest is to create a model state. When Kosovo declared it's independence, the EU practically handed a pre-written constitution to the usurpers. Not only does this constitution permit same sex marriage, but abortion and welfare are so call "human rights" guaranteed to every citizen. The EU has teamed up with the Albanian Muslim UCK terror group, who have been forceably ruling whole areas of Kosovo for years know, much like the Taliban in Afganistan.

With the EU's actions in recognizing and aiding Kosovo's independence, it legitimizes Islamic terror in mainland Europe. The UCK has even been given a leadership role in Kosovo's new life. The sad end to the story is the Kosovo's independence is also backed by the UK and the US. With the support of the West, a precedent has been set for future rogue radicals to establish dictatorships all over the world.

The media has demonized Serbia for it's past conflicts and genocides. Those past evils were a result of a Hilter-like dictatorship. Serbia has been a democratic country for about a decade now. Don't be fooled by CNN. Support the Serbians, they are our Christian brothers.
Below is a once beautiful Christian church, now in rubbles as a result of an EU backed Islamic nation in Europe.


Patrick said...

All hope is not lost. Certain parts of Eastern Europe are even more conservative that the U.S. and will hopefully speak out against these developments.

I watched an interview with the president of the Czech Republic yesterday. He is an unabashed defender of free-market economics and never misses an opportunity to cite Margaret Thatcher as his inspiration on economic policy.

He's also said environmentalism "belongs with the other social sciences" next to other "isms" like communism and fascism, and that it is "the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity."

I don't think an American politician, much less the chief executive, could get away saying stuff like this. While Britain and Western Europe continue their lurch toward socialism under the EU, at least there'll be fervent opposition from those (Czechs and Poles) who actually had to live through the horrors of an atheist, Soviet-style nanny-state collectivism for decades.

HANK said...

You're right Patrick. I agree.

Western Europe is spiraling toward oblivion. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, is a phoenix rising from the ashes. I should've made that point clear. I have read articles about the Czech President, he sounds like Reagan.

And, the Easterners have better looking women than Western Europe.

Eversmart said...

And, the Easterners have better looking women than Western Europe.

Until they turn 30. Then they gain 50 pounds, grow a mustache, and look like one of those Russian nesting dolls.

HANK said...

Shut up Fro.

Why didn't you respond to my comment under Snuffy's Vol. 1 post?


Eversmart said...

I'm not Fro. This is Nick.

HANK said...

Yes you are.

fro pup said...

I'm Fro, Stephen

HANK said...

Stephen? The only Stephen I know is my old buddy from high school, Stephen Hotard.

Anyways, here's some late breaking news from Serbia via

"We report, you decide... fair and balanced."

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has dissolved the government and called for new elections.

Kostunica accuses pro-Western ministers of failing to support his efforts to preserve Kosovo as part of Serbia.

Kostunica has maintained that Serbia cannot join the EU unless the bloc's member nations rescind their decisions to recognize Kosovo's independence.

Pro-EU coalition government parties say Serbia's future in the bloc should not depend on Kosovo's status.

Kostunica says that he will convene a session of the government that will make a decision to call new elections for May 11.

Eversmart said...

Hotard was my buddy, too. At least I thought, until he wouldn't join me in my plot to burn down the school. Now excuse me, I have an appointment with my psychiatrist to talk about my angst.