Monday, April 14, 2008

Seven Years Ago

Benedictine's Junior/Senior Prom was held this past Satueday at the Hyatt. It's hard to believe that was us seven years ago.

So innocent.

2001 Junior/Senior Prom
Location: Marriott Riverfront
Theme: After Midnight
Post Party: Tybee Straits

Feel free to post what you remember from that glorious night.


Snuffy said...

I'll start.

Pierce Cannon shouting "Adam Clary" when the DJ would introduce each senior's date.

fro pup said...

After midnight, I had some skank get down on both knees.

Anonymous said...


Joe said...
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Arv said...

i dated megan neher

Chief said...
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Eversmart said...

I bought a prostitute to bring as my date. I later dumped his... err... her body in the river.

Patrick said...

Who's the black guy?

HANK said...

You don't remember the black guy in the picture?

He's the guy everyone paid to be the driver and to buy the alcohol.

I didn't go to prom that year. All the girls I asked said no.