Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barr For President?

Ron Paul's candidacy drove me nuts, particularly his loony, adolescent, hippie supporters (We should have diplomatic ties with Iran because 9/11 was really an inside job by the neocons who are funded by the Federal Reserve to help the military-industrial complex implement the North American Union by the Council of Foreign Relations who are opposed to the gold standard...etc...etc...).

Barr, who declared his candidacy just two days ago, is actually a mature adult with reasonable, polished views. Don't get me wrong, some of his positions can still be a little "out there" at times, but he will undoubtedly appeal to economic conservatives who feel alienated by McCain's nomination (especially that God-awful, Soviet-style cap and trade plan he unveiled Monday) and much of the past 7 years of Bush. He's also from Georgia, which can only boost his appeal in South. Assuming the race will be tight in November (an assumption we are nowhere near yet entitled to make), Barr could very well do to McCain what Nader did to Gore in 2000. Should be interesting.

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Donnie said...

Go Barr. Help Obama win GA.