Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Got Listserved 6/17/08

This email was sent out on the largest listserv of university staff...for all to see. It's regarding the raises we recently received. This person sends out multiple pointless listserv emails every day, so I wonder what gives her boss the idea that she hasn't earned a big raise.

I'm not understanding all that I'm reading from my letter about
my raise but I think I do understand that if I were any good at
my job, I would have gotten somewhere close to the 2.5 pool.
Since I only got 1.2 I guess I realize I suck worse than I thought
and need to look elsewhere. With that in mind, I'm just wondering
if many of the other departments on campus use Macs? I think here
in the COE we are a particularly Mac-y bunch but I wonder elsewhere
if y'all are all PC or what? Dear Lord, I hate interviewing. Trying to
convince somebody I don't suck and why and how I'll only improve
with age like fine wine and cheese. I wonder why I feel moldy today. :)

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