Friday, July 02, 2010

Who dat tryin to beat '01?

I'm proud to announce that 28 members of the BC Class of 2001 contributed to this year's Annual Fund, "The Campaign for The 400." This will certainly rank us in the Top 10 of all classes, as high as 4th. We also achieved "Gold Class" status, by at least 30% of our classmates contributing. Here are the 28.
1. Stephen Bruce
2. Rick Crawford
3. Tommy Davis
4. Steven Doan
5. Bobby Feus
6. Will Fleming
7. Randy Gill
8. Mark Haslam
9. Patrick Holland
10. Bo Johnston
11. Chris Lane
12. Brennan Lemieux
13. Stephen Leonard
14. T.C. Madison
15. Bryan McBride
16. David McMillion
17. Pearson Pendergrass
18. Arvind Raman
19. Michael Reardon
20. Patrick Sauers
21. Josh Simmons
22. Ryan Smith
23. Van Tyson
24. Tim Wallace
25. Brent Watts
26. Patrick Whitledge
27. Joe Wood
28. Brooks Zeigler


HANK said...

This list is pretty close to Mrs. Daniel's class roster for Honors English Class '98-'99.

Patrick M said...

Pat you donated?

Patrick said...

I did for the sake of our class. I still have serious reservations about throwing money at problems, which is why I only donated $20. Plus I was happy about the reclassification decision, so I felt it warranted at least one Andrew Jackson.