Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Dust Settles...

- Were they just really good?
- Were we just really bad?
- Is Stroud just not the guy?
- Is the new offense just too complex?
- Will we win more than 3 games this year? 

Let's end on a positive note:  we have the best-looking uniforms since I've been watching the Cadets play.  I wouldn't change anything about them. 

Anyways, see ya'll Friday. It won't be fun but it will at least be an excuse to drink.  Heavily.  Because the line is currently Pius -65.5.


Barstool69 said...

Were they just really good? NO
Were we just really bad? YES
Is Stroud just not the guy? HELL NO
Is the new offense just too complex? FOR HIM TO BE COACHING IT, YES
Will we win more than 3 games this year? NO

HANK said...

I hate Monday quarterbacking, and I'm certainly no football coach, but I think BC's current offense is not suitable to the type of players BC has. BC has a typically used a small offensive line. This was the case during our tenure, with the exception of our freshman year.

Any O-line coach will tell you that a no huddle man on man pass coverage is not an effective way to block when your lineman is undersized. Physics works against you.

Wayne Munch would have much to say about this, despite his other faults. For undersized players, you need to run zone blocking, and hit the opponent from advantageous angles. This is best accomplished in highschool with the wish-bone or some sort of misdirection.

But now, we're trying to play like the New Orleans saints.

Frank said...

I'm not sure I'm crazy about our coaching philosophy of not talking to our players when they come off they field nor at halftime. Shouldn't they be making adjustments rather than throwing clipboards in the middle of the field?

Barstool69 said...

Couple things that an alumnus told me.

1. People that played under the current OC realize how ridiculous it is that he's the OC.

2. The team has done away w. pre-game meals.

3. If Brackett and Chumley had gotten their asses handed to them that badly, they would been watching film till 5am, not throwing back brews in a jovial mood at a post-game social.

Is this our HC's first HC job? Wasn't he a b-ball coach before?

HANK said...

I agree Frank. I was telling someone at the game how Wayne Munch would sit us down after every series and require each player to give a synopsis of what was going on out there. He would even ask us to provide suggestions on blocking assignments. Wayne would then radio up to Terrance our comments. After a few seconds, Wayne would break out the dry erase board with a new blocking scheme to better achieve our overall objectives. Bracket allowed us to make any adjustments we saw fit, and it worked like a machine. Remember the Savannah High game our junior year? We ran 40 something trap plays because we told Wayne the linebackers were getting sucked in the middle. We requested the trap because of this, and we ran that son-of-a-bitch all night long.