Monday, November 08, 2010

Mad Men

I'm going through an intense Mad Men phase right now.  I'm just about done with Season 2 on NetFlix and can't get enough.  I get that the show, which takes place in the early 1960s, is probably supposed to be some liberal social commentary on just how backwards and wrong society was before the blessings of hippies, drugs, abortion on demand, draft dodgers, feminists, and single-parent households arrived and saved us all.

But just like with American Psycho, I tune the liberal message completely out and focus on the hilarity of the plot and its characters.  Maybe the joke's on me but I don't really care.  I walk into work every day now acting and talking like Don Draper.  I'll even put a little dab of Brylcreem in my hair sometimes, and I shave every morning with a double-edged safety razor and shaving soap too.  All I need now is a pack of Lucky Strikes and I'm set.  No wait, nevermind, smoking is gay.

Here's another clip (embedding is disabled) of Don Draper's college orientation:


Snuffy said...

The wife and I atrated watching it a couple weeks ago via Netflix. We're not quite through with Season 1 yet.

Weazle said...

That show is ok. I only modeled an entire room in my house after it. Don't worry it's not a shrine. Well, it is a shrine to booze.