Monday, March 21, 2011

SPD '11 Redux

- BBR for being awesome.
- Everyone that attended the BBR.
- MR and MM for getting the corner room at the Hilton.
- The Hilton for being gracious hosts and putting up with a lot of crap that other hotels would not put up with.
- God for gracing us with perfect weather.
- Thursdays for being the best parade day - huge, but not overwhelming crowds, and 3 days to recover.
- Madison Square for being the new Chippewa Square.
- WF for going the distance for the first time since '06.
- ML for catching his second wind after the BBR.
- SL for rubbing elbows with the big dogs at the SF breakfast and HS banquet.

- KofC for missing out on some of the post-parade crowd since the great weather kept everyone in the squares after the parade.
- SPDPC for the 10-minute gap towards the end of the parade and for publishing a full-page SCPS ad in the Parade Magazine.
- LH for over-celebrating his induction into CnE.

For me, this was the best Parade season ever. Hopefully 2012 will be even better, as TC and I will be pushing strollers!

361 more days!


TC said...

I just told a couple of people that we need to grow up and start congregating in Madison Square. The "Wa" is too congested. Especially because the next two years will be on a Saturday.

Michael said...

The Boom Boom room knocked me down, but not for long.

HANK said...

Another big winner was WF bringing his wing-tip tuxedo shoes to the Hilton. SL fately packed two left shoes with his tux, which was not realized until the 12th hour.

Snuffy said...

I think SL just got a new nickname..."Lefty"

Shane said...

How drunk do you think your babies will be on st. Patrick's day next year?

David Cuntfunkel said...

BC hasn't looked that awful in the parade since 2001.

Cheers to the Keller's Flea Market float for making my St. Patrick's Day another joyous occasion!