Monday, April 18, 2011

Congratulations, Stephen

Our good friend Stephen ran the Boston Marathon today, and he did a pretty good job.

Leonard, Stephen S.
28 M Savannah GA USA

5k 0:22:52
10k 0:45:23
15k 1:07:59
20k 1:30:09
Half 1:34:59
25k 1:52:30
30k 2:15:42
35k 2:39:14
40k 3:03:19

Official Time: 3:14:23

Pace: 7:25

Yeah, that's pretty fast.


Michael said...

Luckily Stephen wasn't anywhere near this girl:!5793292/the-poopiness-of-the-long-distance-runner

HANK said...

Camille actually saw this girl in the race. The sight was more horrific in person. There were tons of port-o-jons on the route. I guess she couldn't spare 2 minutes to clean up a bit

Chris said...

Shit happens.

Great job, Stephen. That's impressive.