Monday, May 30, 2011


- Obama: Politically vulnerable but will still be re-elected as it stands today. The Republicans simply don't have a candidate. If they did, they've have a decent shot.

- Braves: I have not bet on a Braves game in a while so I have no idea what's going on. Sorry.

- TV: Mad Men has been delayed and won't air until next Spring at the earliest. The final season of Friday Night Lights is all that's left.

- Weddings: Charlie Webber is getting married this coming weekend. The wedding is Baptist but sources have confirmed there will be liquor.

- BC: Will face Blessed Trinity in Roswell in less than 90 days. While BC doesn't have a prayer, it seems like most everyone is impressed with Britt at this point. A 5-win season would equal success. Finally putting Christian on the schedule for 2012 demonstrates Britt is serious about things; he realizes we at least have to face SCPS if we ever want to eventually reclaim our spot as the city's top program.

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Snuffy said...

Don't forget about the reunion!