Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There's a new Bishop in town, and his name is Hartmayer.

New Bishop named to lead Savannah diocese.

Two good things about Bishop-Elect Hartmayer:
1. He spent over a decade in Catholic high school administration. Savnnah's Catholic school system, or lack thereof, needs a boost.
2. He claims 3/4 Irish ancestry.

His work in parishes with large immigrant populations is also an asset that should benefit our Diocese.


HANK said...

I found an article detailing a sex abuse case in Hartmayer's current parish. It appears he handled the incident correctly. The abuse was conducted by a lay organist. Hartmayer contacted the police first, and then explained the incident the next Sunday at Mass. This is also a good sign.

Donnie said...


Send St. Michael's a better priest, and open the school back up.