Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Casey Anthony Worth Dating? Pros and Cons

So it's been months since the controversial trial ended, yet I still can't get online without being updated on what this chick is up to. We're not even Facebook friends! Since she's not going away anytime soon, I decided to look at her situation though a different scope.

Check the comments section of any story about her and you will always find a few comments about how hot she is. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but by all tangible criteria, she is a physically attractive woman. There are a few Facebook pages dedicated to this fact.

She was found not guilty in her sensationalized murder trial, so once this probation for check fraud clears up, she'll essentially just be another female in the world, except for the whole alleged child murder thing. She'll likely try and date, but would she be worth dating? That's what I've tried to figure out, so I've compiled some pros and cons.

Nice Rack
Slim Figure
Not to much junk in the tr... I mean she has a nice butt
Likes to Party
Knows how to keep kids quiet
Slutty friends
Can probably hold her liquor
May not be a murderer

Ohio State fan
Probably an annoying drunk (e.g. Shouts "Woooo!" a lot.)
Long-term commitment questionable.
She gets around.
Pesky legal trouble
Bad with money
Questionable morals/integrity
May be a murderer

There you have it. If this were fantasy football, Casey might go in the last round or you might be able to get her on waivers, but you'd still be a little excited about picking her up. Her ideal man would be an older man who could pay for things, but definitely no kids. This is all moot though because apparently she's dating her attorney. Who wouldn't? The guy's a miracle worker!


Ryan said...

So what you're trying to say is we need to find a way to set her and Pat up on a date.

HANK said...

Nice thought, Ryan. Pat and Casey would definitely mesh with dark sense of humor jokes.

Patrick said...

The funny thing is that the cons turn me on just as much, if not more, than the pros do.

Michael said...

Her "leaked" sex tape can't be far away