Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here are the numbers released last week. Is BC officially dropping down?  Are the city schools playing up with Groves, Bradwell, and Richmond Hill in 5A, or will they all join Camden, Effingham, and Brunswick in the new 6A?

I don't care about this as much as I used to (if we can dominate in 2A, fine, let's just make sure we keep plenty of Savannah public schools on our non-region schedule); just wanted to see if Snuffy or JJBA could confirm something either way.


JJBA said...

99% chance BC goes to AA.

The rumors suggest Savannah schools will be in 5A. They could play in 6A but the travel situation is almost exactly the same for each classification. A 6A region would include Camden, Brunswick, and Effingham. A 5A region would include Richmond Hill, Bradwell, Glynn (if they choose not to play up), and possibly Liberty Co. and South Effingham if they choose to play up one classification.

BC's AA region would almost certainly include MCA, Bryan Co., Screven Co., Long Co., and Metter. Vidalia and Toombs are less likely but still a posibility. For BC, that would be a bad possibility for a number of reasons.

Rumors on non-region football opponents for next year include Sav. Chr, Savannah High, Windsor, Jenkins, Aquinas, and Effingham.

Snuffy said...

It looks like Jenkins and Windsor will opt to play up to 5A with Groves. That leaves Savannah High, Beach, Johnson and Islands in 3A, with Savanah Arts playing up to 3A as well. Islands and Sav. Arts do not play football, but Islands will likely start playing as early as next season.

That will create a 5A region that looks like this: Bradwell, Glynn, Groves, Jenkins, Richmond Hill, Windsor and maybe Ware County.

And a 3A region that looks like this: Beach, Johnson, Savannah High, Islands, Appling, Brantley, Tattnall, Pierce.

That's a pretty fair deal, if you ask me.

Patrick said...

Would it have killed us to play up in 3A? That would have created a pretty sweet city region for us, with far less traveling expenses and more city rivalries/publicity.

Patrick said...

On another note, I hear Camden is in talks with Gulfstream right now about the feasibility of a team jet.

It's either that or endure 7 hour round trip bus rides to/from Tifton, Valdosta, and Moultrie for regular season match-ups.