Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Week Ahead

First off, congratulations to Hank on his engagement over the weekend.  Lots of costs and additional overhead come with decisions like this so obviously Hank knows what he's doing or at least thinks he does.  Changing gears, we've got a lot going on over the next 5 days and I will not allow this blog to die, so here I am, as usual, bringing things back to life while everyone else sits on their ass.

The Republican National Convention.  Clearly Romney's opportunity to effectively bridge the likeability gap by communicating a narrative about who he is personally.  If you look at current economic conditions, there is traditionally no way the incumbent party wins this election. 

Yet both Obama and Romney remain tied at 46% in most polls.  The reason is two-fold  First, people simply don't like Romney.  Second, there are a lot more Hispanic and black voters than there used to be, and they really don't like Romney.  These groups will continue to vote for Obama simply because Obama looks like them and speaks their language and because, let's face it, rich people like Romney are evil and aren't promising to give them free goodies like the Democrats are.  

The solution is for Romney to continue expanding his lead among white voters, particularly independents and Reagan Democrats in states like Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Michigan, etc (kiss Nevada and New Mexico, states Bush carried in '04, goodbye).

BC.  The 2012 Cadets open up with Effingham County in Springfield Friday night.  So far as I know Effingham is the only high school that still plays Dixie as their fight song, and that alone is reason enough to make the trip. 

But believe it or not, there is another reason:  BC football is back and we could be looking at the best squad in a decade.  Way too soon to tell so let's not jinx anything but clearly the program is headed in the right direction. 

Effingham has been down the last couple of years; not precisely sure what their outlook is for this season, but clearly we have a chance to beat a large AAAAA team which will help make a statement in the papers, especially after SCPS's loss to Jenkins last Friday.

Georgia.  Who knows, who cares, everyone gets arrested, has dreadlocks, etc.  Don't really care what happens this season unless I have money on it.  

Anyways, later.  


Pl0we said...

As we all know BC is the best school that there is. I do have one problem with our alma mater. I found out that BC put on a "fashion show" this past Saturday. I have said it many times before. If we have students that want to do plays, artsy crap, or be in fashion shows well they don't need to be at BC. They need to go to the arts academy. We need any more Zadrians or Ferrandos at BC. Our school is there to develop men, not softies. That is all. Good day

Charlie Dodson said...

Locks of the year:

TENN (+2.5) vs. Florida
GEORGIA (-44.5) vs Tech