Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Reading From the Book of Snuffy

Go forth now to the Boro of Wayne. A maroon-clad cavalry approaches from the South. In their path lies the bear's den. Slay the beast and a crown awaits. Huteth One! Huteth Two!


Patrick said...

Everybody needs to be at this thing Friday night.

Cadets residing in Athens, Savannah, and especially Statesboro (which is a mere 45 minutes away) have no excuse for not being able to make it.

It is crucial that BC gets the #1 seed if it wants any chance of surviving against Region 1 in the first round.

HANK said...

I can't go.

Country Day is having a lacrosse practice scrimmage against a boarding school from Virginia.

Should be exciting.

Michael said...

I can't make it to the Bird Dog Capital of the World for the BC game Friday, but I will be in Statesboro for the GSU-Furman game on Saturday. Free beers for any BMBS members who show their face.

HANK said...

Hey "Snuffy",

Why couldn't you write such creative work in Mrs. Taylor's class?

Patrick said...

That's a good question. Authoring prose of that caliber would easily have allowed Snuffy to go to St. Simon's with us senior year.