Friday, November 09, 2007

Were we cheated?

For those of you that haven't heard, there's been some kafuffle over a recent incident of cheating at a high school football game. Last Friday, Lakeside-Evans High School was playing Effingham County High School. In the closing seconds of the game, Lakeside-Evans had the ball and were down 7-0. The coach called for a Hail Mary and when the pass went up, a Lakeside-Evans player snuck onto the field from the sidelines. No one saw him. Fittingly, the pass was intercepted. Time expired and Effingham won 7-0. It wasn't until Effingham's coaching staff reviewed the film and discovered what had happened. The story was outed and the coach has been reprimanded, but will likely not be fired.

Now you're asking, what does this have to do with us? I'm getting to that.

Lakeside-Evans High School is in Evans, GA. In today's (Friday's) Savannah Morning news, there is a letter to the editor from the publisher of the local paper in Columbia County. He tells the story of another act of cheating from 1987 in the game between Evans High and Effingham County High where the Evans High coach put a radio headset in the quarterback's helmet.

Is it just a major coincidence that both cheating attempts came against Effingham County? Or could it reasonably be assumed that the football programs in the city of Evans have had a tradition of cheating for twenty years, possibly more? Is it so unbelievable to think that these teams could have been cheating all along?

Now, to my point. We all remember the 2000 BC football season. We suffered a 17-0 loss at the hands of Evans High School. I don't recall if the game was televised, but I want to see the film. If they beat us fairly, I can accept that, but if those bastards cheated, I demand the game be replayed with the original players from both teams that year. Maybe then I'll see some playing time against the Knights.


Michael said...

If you don't know, Evans is a suburb of Augusta, if you want to call it that. Evans and Lakeside are located only a couple of miles from each other, and consider each other their rivals. I think you will out of luck on this wish, Joe. I would be willing to bet good money that a good portion of the Evans players are either in jail or on house arrest. And as for Lakeside, they are probably all coked out of their minds, and wouldn't be able to participate anyways. I think it's a great idea though.

HANK said...

The only way we were cheated was by having a cracker-Protestant coach who made terrible decisions.