Thursday, January 31, 2008

BMBS Political Dictionary

pronunciation: [mav-er-ick, mav-rick]
function: adjective

1. not conservative

example: The New York Times loves John McCain because he is a maverick politician.


Michael said...

You can be my wingman any time.

Ryan said...

Who will he pick as his running mate?

Patrick said...

If he has any sense he'll pick someone like Jeff Flake, Jim Demint, Mike Pence, Mark Sanford (governor of SC), Tom Coburn, or John Shadegg to help reassure conservatives.

These are all staunch anti-pork, low tax, small government, free market, libertarian guys. Most are young and energetic and (hopefully) represent the future of the GOP. Most of them go with their gut and don't care about winning re-election, and for that very reason they are hugely popular with their constituencies. Most importantly, they firmly reject the big government trend the party has taken in the last 7 years.

Of course this is what I want to happen, which means it probably won't.

Ty said...

"Goose! GOOSE!!!"

Snuffy said...

The preidential election is just like the student council election at'a a popularity contest. Ryan Smith was not elected treasurer because of his stance on the lunch menu; it was because he played the harmonica.

Patrick said...

As a proud member of the Smith campaign team, I feel insulted by that comment Snuffy. Ryan went on the intellectual offensive and won the battle of ideas. Three pillars were key to his victory:

1. Lots of signs
2. Animal sounds in Mrs. Youngblood's class
3. The whole "aids" look

HANK said...

Using TC as a body guard certainly scared the freshman into voting for Ryan.

Barstool69 said...

John Thune is a possibility. Has campaigned a lot for McCain, is a young, good looking up and comer who disptatched Daschle from SD. Very conservative.