Friday, July 04, 2008

70 Year Old Indian Woman Has Twins

While the most bizarre news always seems to come out of India, this reaches a new level for me. A 70 year old woman from Muzaffarnagar, India gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, via caesarean. Her and her husband, who's still got the stuff at 77, had been trying to have a male heir. The irony here is that in accomplishing this feat, the father mortgaged the family farm, spent his entire life savings, and maxed out a few credit cards in the process. Exactly what the new baby boy will be heir to, I have no idea.
Here's a picture of the new little bundles of joy.

Having kids at 70 isn't without it's advantages. Think of this, everyone in the house will be in diapers.


tommy said...

they must have been careful while getting it on not to bust a hip

Ryan said...

I seriously hate you for putting that picture of the babies up there. Now I'm going to be convulsing all day.

HANK said...

Ryan, if pictures of babies make you convulse, then what does a picture of a Crucifix do?

Will you burn?