Monday, July 14, 2008

Awesome New Show

Some of you may know that I'm typically the last one to catch on to TV shows. I just discovered Arrested Development and it was cancelled over two years ago. Last night, however, I caught the first episode of HBO's new miniseries, Generation Kill.
The show is based on a book written by Evan Wright, who moved in with a group of Marines to tell their story. In the first episode, entitled "Get Some" we meet a platoon of Marines from the First Recon Division. Set in 2003, this group of young men are the tip of the spear of the invasion of Iraq. Contrary to what you might expect from a new show about the war in Iraq, this show is not anti-war. We're not expected to take a side.
What struck me most about the show is the dialogue. It's coarse, funny, and most of all, believable. During one scene, the platoon receives a shipment of letters from elementary school kids. After first bemoaning the fact that the never get "hot j**k-off letters from hot chicks," one Marine replies aloud to a letter from a child named Freddy who wrote in with a prayer that no one get hurt.
"I am actually a U.S. Marine who was born to kill, whereas clearly you have mistaken me for some kind of wine-sipping Communist d**ksuck. And although peace probably appeals to tree-loving bisexuals like you and your parents, I happen to be a death-dealing blood-crazed warrior who wakes up every day just hoping for the chance to dismember my enemies and defile their civilizations. Peace sucks a hairy a**hole, Freddy. War is the motherf**king answer."
I highly recommend this show. Semper Fi.

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tim said...

I agree. The show is great so far and the dialogue is awesome. It's from the producer of The Wire, so you can pretty much expect pure awesomeness.