Saturday, August 06, 2011

An Open Letter To Our Government

To: President Obama
Cc: Senate, House of Representatives

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Good job, turds.  After months of wrangling over the debt ceiling, you finally got a deal done to raise it one more time.  Give yourself a pat of on the back for actually getting some sort of work done....

Now you might be saying, "But wait a minute!  They lowered our credit rating anyway!  No fair!".  I realize that as government officials, your concept of fair is juvenile at best but I assure you, this is totally fair.  This same thing happens to consumers all the time: you get some credit cards, max them out, and your credit score goes down.  It's maddening to think that our government can manage its finances no better than a 19 year old sorority girl.

So, think of this credit downgrade as the big talk with Dad.  You're in deep shit.  How are you going to fix this?  What can you even do at this point?

Enjoy your weekend, asswipes.  I wouldn't want to be strolling into your jobs on Monday.

Best regards,


Patrick said...

Perry or Romney would win if the election were tomorrow.

HANK said...

It's not Obama's fault, the blame is on G.W. The situation would be much worse if Barry weren't in office.

Michael said...

Here's Neal Bootz's latest plan to fix the economy:

HANK said...

Check out this bullshit.

Joe said...
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