Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"There are Two Americas"

Great Drew Carey video here (Hat Tip: Cafe Hayek, Club for Growth). Really does an excellent job taking CNN to task.

One phrase the video mentions that we often hear is how it's tougher now than it has ever been to "make ends meet." You will hear all the candidates, particularly the Democrats, in the coming election talk about this. But how can "make ends meet" really be defined in 2008? I stopped by Wal-Mart the other day to buy some groceries. While there I passed by the electronics department and noticed a lot of customers who, judging by their dress, looked relatively "lower-income" (most, also, were Mexican). I observed them all stocking up on cell phones, flat-panel TV's, new ipods, and DVD collections. I guess they desparately need all of these things just to get by and make ends meet. Seriously, who could afford these things 15 years ago?


Ryan said...

Really good video. Hell, I'm living proof of this. The low income I make and all the useless crap I buy is both sad and encouraging at the same time.

Joe said...

Pat, perhaps you're too quick to judge. I'm sure it's easier to make ends meet when you share your three-bedroom house on the southside with your 23 roommates.

Ty said...