Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazier things have happened before.

After beating up on Vanderbilt and one of the worst Tennessee teams of all time, delusional Dawg fans think they will make it to the SEC Championship game.

Another unlikely scenario is BC making the State Playoffs. The Cadets currently stand at 1-4 in region play. Their 3 remaining games are against Bradwell (2-4), Beach (3-2) and Groves (2-3). The Cadets control their own destiny and will make the playoffs if they win out.

So, which scenario is more likely to happen?

UGA wins the SEC East Division
BC earns a State Playoff berth


BCSAV said...

Both are obviously long shots but the Georgia scenario has a 100x better chance. Groves and Beach are just better than BC and BC's injuries don't help.

Pl0we said...

Tech fans still think their team relevant. Even though they play in shitty conference and has a team full of pussies. Didn't ya'll lost to Kansas and NC State.?

Shane said...

You're better than that Pl0we...

BCSAV nailed it. Both are incredibly unlikely. UGA has the better shot just based on how bad everyone is in the East.

I think, BC compares more to Kentucky's chances of winning the SEC (which could happen).

Barstool69 said...

UK and BC don't work. Both control their destiny, but UK's game are very winnable. BC is like Vandy, who controls its destiny but is very unlikely to win the games.

Donnie said...

I think Georgia has a better chance of playing in the SEC championship than BC does of making the playoffs.

I think Georgia has a much better chance of making it 9 of 10.


Shane said...

Snuffy, you're the linesmaker. Make me a line for both.

Snuffy said...

If Vegas has UGA winning the East at 50-1, I would put the odds on BC making the playoffs at 75-1.

Shane said...

Actually, Vegas had the odds of Georgia WINNING the SEC championship at 50-1...Last week.

After this weekend it moved to 20-1.

So, to answer your question, UGA obviously has a better shot than B.C.