Sunday, October 31, 2010


Republicans are poised for massive victories on Tuesday. Some of this was inevitable since the Democrats won in '06 and '08, and presidents always lose congressional seats in off-year elections, but there's a lot more going on here than just that: discontent with government is at all-time highs, unemployment remains unacceptably high and shows no signs of coming down, and the federal debt is expanding at break-neck speed towards European levels, and shows no signs of shrinking or at least slowing down.

No single person has done more to help the conservative cause in the last 20 years than Barack Obama.  Thanks to him, two-thirds of independents now side with Republicans on just about every major issue.  Thank to him, Keynsianism was tried for the first time since the Carter administration and thoroughly discredited in front of an entire generation of voters who, $800 billion later in "stimulus" spending, still can't find jobs after graduation.  It is unfortunate that history repeat itself, but if it forces people, particularly young people, to learn economics, then it's worth it. And finally, thanks to Obama, Nancy Pelosi will be forced into retirement and the GOP will see its biggest gains since 1994, if not greater.  That year, they picked up 52 seats in the House.  This year, they could take even more.  They will not take the Senate because not enough seats are at play.  They will, however, take the Senate Majority Leader's seat.

As for endorsements, BMBS endorses Rand Paul and Marco Rubio in the Kentucky and Florida senate races (and basically anyone else with an "R" next to their name).  Both Paul and Rubio will do a lot to help restore the GOP's brand to where it was before Bush:  deficit reduction, smaller government, more individual and personal freedom, no nation-building, greater respect for the Constitution.  Both will also be potential White House contenders in the coming decades.

Finally, BMBS endorses Donald Chumley for Benedictine head football coach.  Unfortunately such decisions are not left to polls, but a grassroots campaign still might be worth starting.


Snuffy said...

The BC head football coaching job is currently filled. Therefore, there is no need to spread rumors about this on this page.

Weazle said...

The oprative word of that comment is "currently."

TC said...

5:43 AM on a Sunday morning? That must have been one hell of a Halloween party. Or you went to 6 AM mass.

Patrick said...

Not spreading rumors. Just endorsing. Also just curious how long that operative word would remain in effect should SCPS lose its head coach.