Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Leonard Wedding

Fellow BMBS contributor, Michael, will become the second Leonard brother to tie the knot this weekend. The irony is that Michael, a GT grad and diehard Yellow Jacket fan, will be getting married at the UGA Catholic Center. Also, when I referred to Michael as a "BMBS contributor" I really meant "BMBS member" since only Pat and I contribute anything these days.


Patrick said...

Athens is a pretty cool place. One place in Athens that is not cool: the Catholic Center.

Everytime I went to that place my heart became filled with hate. Funny how that works.

Top 2 Places that are not cool in Athens, GA:

1. Catholic Center
2. O-House

PMac said...

Agreed on all counts. I just could never get into the whole shaking hands and introducing yourself thing before Mass. Unfortunately, it's starting to happen everywhere.

Barstool69 said...

Did you prefer the rock n' roll/acoustic performances of the local youth band at St. Joes Pat? Seriously, what's a Catholic to do in Athens?

I have heard O-House cafeteria has been completely redone.

Michael said...

Once this whole wedding thing is over, I promise to contribute on a more regular basis. Another thing that is not cool in Athens is that neither of the Catholic churches there would allow us to have a wedding after 2:00 in the afternoon. If there's ever been a wedding in Athens where Tech fans have outnumbered UGA folk, this will be it.

benilhalk said...

I’m sure Michael’s wedding must’ve been an amazing event. My close friend since high school days is also tying the knot next month. I am delighted, and also very eager to fly to New York next week to meet him and his future bride. I hope it will be a memorable wedding at the beautiful venue NYC.