Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Report from Out West

Arvind Raman (Wed, Jun 8 9:20pm): One thing about being out of the south with girls. I honestly have had more girls checking me out here and its all cultures. What im saying is that I can

Arvind Raman (Wed, Jun 8 9:21pm): continue being me, and still have enough casual encounters. Presently im not hooking up with women but your chances out here are easier. Fyi

Arvind Raman (Wed, Jun 8 9:22pm): u can ask my parents, the asian realtor hit on me infront of her asian husband. The moment was f****ing awesome.


Arv said...

How dare you read my journal!!! This is going to set me back with my therapist.

HANK said...


Snuffy said...

Just remember your leson from Megan: no sex after Chinese food.

tim said...

Can I dip some?