Monday, June 20, 2011

Mark the Calendars Now

September 16th, 2011: BC plays Savannah High in Grayson Stadium for the first time in 52 years.

Not sure what's prompted the city to do this but we should all be very thankful for the decision. Grayson's capacity isn't near what it used to be; that plus all of the hype and nostalgia could make this a sellout crowd.

Georgia doesn't play anybody important the next day so there is no reason for a BC alum to miss this game (other than not being able to find a ticket).

Good things are happening.


HANK said...

I hope they open up the Landshark Lager section during the games.

Pl0we said...

Can't wait to see BC beat the felons at Grayson Stadium.

Pinkie said...

The original schedule had half of our games on Thursdays or Saturdays. So, we looked for optiosn to move some of those games to Fridays, and the city allowed us to rent Grayson Stadium.

The key game is Windsor on a Thursday night, after playing SPX the previous Friday. Win that one, and our playoff chances are very good. Lose, and it will be an uphill battle.

The way I see it, only Camden and SPX are sure losses and only SHS and Beach are sure wins. It should be an exciting season, as there will probably be a lot of close games.

Michael said...

Pat, you forgot to mention that Tech plays the Fighting Jayhawks from Kansas that Saturday the 17th.

Frank said...

Where are they going to seat people? Didn't they tear down the outfield bleachers? Must we share the stands?

Rock Chalk, Mikey!

Frank said...