Thursday, December 13, 2007

BMBS Man of the Year: Tim Blackston

Before I begin lobbying for Mr. Tim Blackston as BMBS Man of the Year, I'd like to credit the ever elusive and mysterious "calvary fan" for inspiring me with this idea. I was struggling with my nomination. I was going to go with Justin Timberlake, but I figured that even as a half-serious nomination it wouldn't even go over for laughs. But, seriously, Justin Timberlake is awesome. No joking about that. But, with calvary fan's joking suggestion, I actually think I've found a gem here.

I first met Mr. Blackston during my middle school days at ol' Calvary Baptist. He was a very straight-laced type of fellow and kind of intimidating, but because he was so young for a teacher, I could tell he was cool. It wasn't until a few minutes ago when I saw his current age - 35 - that I realized he was just 23 when he taught me and was my homeroom teacher (no match for Mr. Bill Curley, though). But who wants storytime? Lists are so 2007.

Why I believe Tim Blackston is BMBS Man of the Year:
-He graduated from BC.
-He disregarded faculty policy by hooking up with another (and older) Calvary teacher and ended up marrying her.
-He graduated from The Citadel, where he also played baseball.
-He shops at the Wilmington Island Publix.
-He interviewed for BC's head coach vacancy last year (seriously).
And most importantly:
-Instead of bringing grief to our football program, he disemboweled Calvary's, valiantly leading their team to a combined 2-17 record for the past two seasons. He was recently relieved of his coaching duties.

Thank you for believing.

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