Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Can Feel Your Anger

This quote I saw in the AJC really raised my eyebrows. I'd really like to read y'all's responses to this (that includes you, Only in America guys).

"Hawaii should not be playing in the Sugar Bowl. They should be playing in a bowl where they belong.

"The BCS Championship Game. . . .

"The truth is, the SEC doesn't play anybody of note. The conference has perpetuated this myth of invincibility by refusing to play anybody of note in the non-conference schedule, then living off the legend of being a tough conference. But the truth says otherwise when the SEC ventures outside the South, because they get beaten badly. Kind of like the Confederacy."

— Adam Rank, aol.com's The Fanhouse


Joe said...

This kid's argument will go straight down the toilet when LSU destroys Ohio State. I'm a fan of the Buckeyes, but this one won't even be close.

As for Georgia, perhaps I misspoke earlier by using the term "screwed." You really can't argue with sending the conference champion ahead of the Dawgs to the title game. Makes sense to me.

Joe said...

Did this kid just start watching this season? Does he remember the title game last year?

Michael said...

As for the Civil War reference, the only time the South really ventured out of our domain, there was a battle called Gettysburg. I don't think you can say we got beaten badly. A couple of bad decisions were made that could have reversed roles in that battle.

MacKenzie said...

I'm no college football aficionado, but I seem to remember that Florida (an SEC team) won the BCS championship last year.

Patrick said...

But sending LSU over Georgia totally bypasses the reason for having rankings. It's like saying, "yes, Georgia was clearly the better team last week, but in the wake of LSU's stunning 7-point victory over Tennessee we're really impressed and all of a sudden somehow convinced LSU is the country's second-best team.

If the coaches didn't believe Georgia deserved a shot at the title game then they shouldn't have had them #4 last week in the first place.

tim said...

I agree with you about the whole rankings deal. They are an absolute joke. But if I am being completely neutral, you just can't send Georgia to the championship game over LSU when the teams resumes are compared. If they gave half season national championships then we would absolutely be 2007 and a half champs. You can't loose to a 6-6 team and get blown out by UT and get in over a team that lost two games in triple over time and won the conference championship.

Shane said...

The reason people want a playoff system is so that you can give the teams that are playing the best at the end of the season the chance to atleast play to get to a national championship. That being said sure you can say UGA deserves it over LSU, even after resumes are compared, simply for the fact that they lost two weeks ago to a mediocre arkansas team

HANK said...

In 1996, Blessed Sacrament should've played in the Championship game against St. James.

At the beginning of the season, the 18 man Irish football squad was over-powered by the 52 strong Charges. SJS beat BSS by only a couple of touchdowns.

In the second half of the season, BSS began to click. Fleming replaced Herb at QB (due to a collar bone injury), Tuttle remained at running back, and Leonard was moved to tight end. The trio was unstoppable against SMS and SPA. The Irish hung tough, but fell short to Pinewood Christian (whom I believed fielded high school kids.)

The Irish could've drilled SJS at the end of the season. Unfortunately, BSS was moved down a league, and thus could not take revenge on the Charges during the playoffs.

tim said...

"The trio was unstoppable against SMS and SPA"
You just made the case for the SJS Chargers with that statement right there. BSS was like the Hawaii of the SPAL league. You have to factor in strength of schedule. At SJS, week in and week out we played tough rivalry games in hostile environments against the likes of Calvary and SCPS. Even a team like SCDS could slip up and beat you if you were having an off day(even though that never happened to us).
SJS Chargers
1995 SPAL League Football Champs
1997, 1996 and 1994 SPAL League Basketball Champs

tim said...
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