Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm too lazy to upload a picture to grab your attention, so I just used caps in my title.

We leave the Weather Channel on in the lobby at work and after hearing about our newest Tropical Storm, Gustav, I got a pretty good idea.

I know the National Weather Service is obviously a government organization, but there's money to be made when it comes to the naming of storms. Why not sell the naming rights? Obviously, the big brands wouldn't go near an advertising medium that has the ability to level cities and kill people, but gambling sites and other niche market startups could snap up some great exposure with a storm named after their company.

While Quaker Oats would suffer immensely from a Hurricane Cap'n Crunch fiasco, think of the potential customers that could be reached with endless weather coverage of Tropical Storm Xango or Hurricane If some entrepreneur could figure out a way to secure the naming rights from the National Weather Service, he'd make a mint.



Ryan said...

No, this possible? I want in.

Joe said...

As a government agency, the National Weather Service has no incentive to sell the naming rights. If for some reason they were to decide to sell them, someone could buy them and turn around and sell them for a premium.

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