Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Talking Points

- BC defeated what is probably the best 5A team in Savannah Thursday night. In other words, had the Cadets decided to play in 5A this year, they'd at least go 8-2, possibly 9-1. With that comes a guaranteed playoff spot, Saturday morning front page headlines, rekindled local rivalries, higher attendance with more games at Memorial Stadium, and a program and student/alumni body that feels a lot better overall about itself and can walk with swagger around town again.

- John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for VP was a masterstroke of political genius. Ms. Palin not only appeals to moderate women voters, but also to me. She's pro-gun, pro-life, pro-drilling, fiscally conservative, and hot. She's also a sharp and fiesty debater, so it should be fun to watch Biden try to take her on. I've never been a McCain type of guy but I may be more likely to vote for him now just because of her.

- Georgia might be #1 but they are going to catch hell against pretty much every opponent after Central Michigan. Kentucky just got done devouring Louisville. Alabama skewered Clemson last night. And Florida put Hawaii to worse shame than the 'Dogs did back in January. Tech and Vandy may even be formidable.

- And finally, Hurricane Gustav will likely hit parts of New Orleans some time tomorrow. Everything is starting to look familiar but history should not repeat itself because Louisiana has a real governor this time around.


Donnie said...
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Donnie said...

I never heard of Sarah Palin until the other day. I really thought he'd pick Pawlenty or Romney. After looking at who she is and what she has done, I can't believe she wasn't discussed more before he actually picked her as his VP. The other day I saw where one of the Democratic advisors considered one of Palin's speeches the other day as the most important/influential political speech of all time given by a female. And Palin's speech was given after Hilary's speech at the DNC.

Barstool69 said...

How many times are the going to rebuild Nola?