Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Handball: And You Though Soccer Was Retarded

While I fully accept that my love of the beautiful game of soccer is not shared with other members or readers of BMBS, I have to point out that things could be a lot worse.
Take, for instance, Handball. This game appears to have been developed by people with no athletic skill whatsoever. The few rules of the game are lazily enforced and dribbling is merely a suggestion. The object of the game is to move the ball down the court, using your hands, and throw the ball into the goal which is being guarded by a goalkeeper. Essentially, when you're in the attacking third, the best strategy is to throw the ball to a spot the keeper can't get to, like the bottom corners, top corners, or a girl's house.
This game is played all over the world by people who lack the coordination to play real sports and Wikipedia claims the sport has over a billion players worldwide. I tried getting onto more reputable league and governing body sites, but I can't read Turkish or Korean.
Teams usually score 50 to 70 goals in a game, so watching Handball is even less exciting than the NBA, if that's possible.
And this is an Olympic Sport.

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