Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Palin Problem.

The problem with Palin is not her doing, but rather the problem lies with McCain holding her back. If the problem is not corrected before November, expect higher taxes in 2009.

The Mishandling Of Sarah Palin
By Andrea Tantaros
Republican Political Commentator

To many political insiders it is apparent that the McCain campaign has mismanaged Sarah Palin.

The first female governor of Alaska broke onto the political scene a confident, competent contender. She was a take-no-prisoners, fearless female who cut through the bull to do what’s right, no matter which corrupt politician is in her way. The evolution over the past few weeks from what the world originally witnessed until now has been staggering and paints a picture of a woman who seems quite the contrary.

With each passing day Palin appears increasingly mishandled and marginalized, two crucial characterizations that are not her fault.

There is something about her disposition that signals she isn’t allowed to be who she really is, or who she wants to be. Any good press staffer knows that in order to maximize the mojo of your candidate you must accentuate their assets, not hide them. And anyone with a functioning brain knows that when you’ve got a good thing, you use it. Palin could be the only candidate on the ticket this fall that comes out of this financial crisis without mud on her face. She could be an effective surrogate for McCain calling for reform in Washington and Wall Street but instead they’ve chosen to stifle her voice.

I’d like to point out that this problem was observed over a month ago on my Web site, with a column that urged the McCain campaign to “let Palin be Palin,” long before any other outlet addressed the issue. Since then we’ve seen the campaign relegate her into a defensive bunker, and when she emerges, she seems unsure, and uncomfortable with the message she’s been fed. Some would argue the messenger is flawed. Or perhaps the message is broken, boring and regurgitated, three things that Sarah Palin is not. My money’s on the latter.

Palin was comfortable with the media until she met the McCainiacs, who have all but declared a jihad on the mainstream media. After McCain announced she was his pick for Vice President, his camp was inundated with requests from media outlets, as expected. These inquiries were rebuffed and ignored. The McCain camp has even ignored inquires from a prominent women’s magazine and its millions of curious and valuable readers.

Many of the former Bush aides that now surround Governor Palin suffer from extreme paranoia. They behold an obvious insecurity that manifests itself in stubbornness and incessant bullying. Most of all they approach tough situations from a position of weakness rather than strength. Rumors swirled that many of these same staffers were worried she would get asked about abortion thus they declined every interview offer. Sarah Palin, in my opinion, is someone who is so morally grounded in her positions she doesn’t shy away from tough questions. Something many Beltway buffoons should learn a lesson from.

Another lesson: Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with. She is the antithesis to the elitism that often plagues politics. She is someone who has common sense and a cause. She deserves to speak her mind and engage with the people she hopes to represent. And she deserves a team around her that will capitalize on her strengths, not try to run from them. Let her shine in the McCain camp, before it’s too late.

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