Friday, June 25, 2010

Pabst Gets a New Owner

Well known investor, C. Dean Metropoulos has agreed to terms to purchase Pabst Brewing Company for $250 Million (100 million tallboys). THis is the same guy who reinvigotated brands such as Vlasic, Chef Boyardee and Duncan Hines.

Is our beloved beer in for a facelift?


Michael said...

By making tallboys taller?

tim said...

This is fake cause I'm pretty sure C. Dean Metropoulos is a made up name.

Barstool69 said...

it will be interesting to see what direction he takes PBR's image.

I feel like in the past 5 years, it has had a resurgence as the "trendy" beer for the NYC/SCAD/hipster types.

Snuffy said...

I just hope the price does not increase.