Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

This Week's Top 5: Bars I went to when I was home from college that I would not want to go to again.

1. Mercury Lounge
2. The Bar Bar
3. Loco's
4. Sorry Charlie's
5. Savannah Blues


MAR said...

Sorry Charlie's was not that bad....I went into Bar Bar 7-8 months ago. Never again...

1.Bar Bar
2.Nautical Ned's
3.Spanky's Bar downtown

I can tolerate all the others I have been in

Barstool69 said...

mercury sucks except for the fact that everyone goes there.

any truth to rumors about doing away with smoking in bars? that would be glorious. I bet Pinkies would somehow manage to still smell though.

Snuffy said...

MAR, Nautical Ned's does not count, because we only went there once or twice. And it was only open for about 2 weeks.

Barstool, I have not heard that rumor. I think Pinkie's would disregard that ordinance if it were ever passed.

Patrick said...

1. Savannah Smiles
2. Savannah Smiles
3. Savannah Smiles
4. Savannah Smiles
5. Savannah Smiles

Snuffy said...

I thought about Savannah Smiles too, but since we only went there a few times, I decided to leave it off.

TC said...

Is Nautical Ned's the place Menefee would frequent? I would add Club One to that list.

Snuffy said...

If Club One were on the list, that would mean that I used to frequent that establishment, which I did not.