Monday, June 14, 2010

Webber is Engaged!!

 Congrats to the blog's favorite non-BC grad.  Schedule of events:
  • Bachelor party some time next March in Pulaski, Tennessee.  Not exactly sure why.  Something about a "secret fraternity" he is in being founded there. 
  • Rehearsal dinner:  tentative.  Probably either Ryan's Steakhouse or Golden Corral.
  • Wedding at the Cathedral.  Coastal Cathedral.
  • Reception to follow at the Alee Temple, featuring the Hank Daniels' cover band. 
In all seriousness, we wish Charlie the best of luck and future success as a family man.  We all know he is the hardest-working cracker around, and while he never stepped foot on the plaza or had to wear a JROTC uniform, we still somehow find ways to tolerate him.  We'll never understand why his ancestors felt the need to break away from the one, true, universal Church back in the day, but we'll try to forgive them (even if God won't).  Congratulations, Charles, and remember:  the kingdom and the power and the glory are yours, now and forever.  Whatever the hell that means.  


sauers6 said...

he pooped in the hole of the 6th green at melrose on dafuskie

tim said...

Pat, remember that time he pulled out a gun in your apartment?

sauers6 said...

or the time he hit connelly with a hatchet in statesboro?