Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Seven Wonders of the Post-Modern World

1.  Skidaway Road, est. 1960.  The original, but unlike most originals, not the best.  Service is generally slow but what more do you expect when Atom Smashers and Savannah State grads (Johnson is the better school, by the way) are too busy snorting drugs instead of trying to remember if you wanted cole slaw or extra fries?

2.  Waters Ave., est. 1968:  The one and only.  Yea I know, there are 7 locations total, but there is only one Waters Avenue.  The classic post-game celebration destination for thousands of BC fans over the last 42 years.  A hop, skip, and jump away from Mayfair, Kings Way, and Memorial Stadium.  The quickest and best service in America, hands down.  And probably the best tea, too.     

3.  Highway 80, est. 1972:  I used to go here a pretty good bit the summer after freshman year of college while working at Samson Industrial.  Lunchtime crowd features all different faces from blue-collar Savannah.  You will find hard hats, ear plugs, and Skoal containers resting next to plates of barbecue full and hush puppies.    

4.  Abercorn Extension, est. 1976:  The largest location.  This was the site of the steak dinner the Athletic Association used to put on for the football players the night before the BC-Savannah High game.  This  tradition was unfortunately discontinued in 1998 when those in charge felt it would make too much sense to keep something that everyone liked in place. 

5.  Highway 21, est. 1995: Always get this one mixed up with the one on Highway 80.  So whatever I said about that one applies to this one too. 

6.  Pooler, est. 2004:  Nestled in the heart of Raider country, you will find many patrons with camo hats and long sideburns thumbing through passages of their King James Bibles in between bites of hamburger steak on Friday nights during Lent.  

7.  Statesboro!! est. 2009!!:  It looks like they even hired Porter to work there!! 


Weazle said...

My parents rehearsal dinner for their wedding was held at the Abercorn Carey Hilliards in the banquet room. They said it was a buffet, and it was wonderful. That might be the proudest family story I have.

HANK said...

I saw Porter this past weekend at Spanky's.

He threatened to give me a call some time to hang out, and drink all my beer.

Weazle said...

I had a dream about hush puppies last night. I blame this post.

Snuffy said...

I don't know if Porter is going to have time to work at Hilliard's if he plans on walking on at GSU.

tim said...

"Where's the beer?!?!?"

Also, this surpasses post of the year and is a top 5 post all time.