Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Another Tweak

Traditionally around this time, we hold our Man of the Year contest.  I've been thinking about changing the name of this award though, to the annual "BMBS Hall of Fame" inductee.

The title makes more sense:  there are plenty of upstanding members of society who might deserve recognition, even if they haven't done all that much in the past year.

Or we can keep calling it Man of the Year.  I don't really give a rat's ass as long as people actually make nominations.  Snuffy and I are the only two people left that actually contribute to this blog, and I should have kicked everyone else off a long time ago, but I am giving you one last chance.  Last year we had the most publicized MOTY contest ever.  Let's try and keep things at least half as interesting this year.

Nominations are due by Friday, December 17th.  

Past Recipients:

2006 - Tom Powers
2007 - Michael Reardon
2008 - Jack Holland
2009 - Coach Curley

2010 - ????


Snuffy said...

I like the "Man of the Year" title and think we should keep that tradition going. I agree that it is tough to judge a candidate based soley on one year. Looking at past winners, it seems that only one (JJH4) was selected because of his achievements that particular year. I think we should just leave the nomination qualifications open-ended. That will hopefully inspire some creative nominations. Remember, this is all just for sh*ts and giggles.

Weazle said...

How many shits and giggles do you get when you win?

Patrick said...

Ok, fair enough. One special exception to our usual process this year though: should Chumley bring home a state title on Saturday and then leave SCPS for BC by the end of the year, he automatically becomes Man of the Year. No voting will even take place.

Snuffy said...

Weazle, it's directly proportional to the margin of victory.

Weazle said...

Is the ratio one shit to one giggle, or is it two shits for every three giggles? America deserves to know.

Snuffy said...