Monday, December 13, 2010

Hall of Fame of the Year: Coach Jeff Monken

Webster's Defines the words "Man" and "Year" as "an adult male person" and "a period of 365 or 366 days, in the Gregorian calendar, divided into 12 calendar months, now reckoned as beginning Jan. 1 and ending Dec. 31," respectively.(Webster, et al.)

Put those two words together and what do you get??? Jeff Motherf@$%kin' Monken, head coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles.

In less than 10 full months on the job, Coach Monken has taken the once proud Eagles back into the national semifinals by beating (then) #10 Elon, #1 App State, #10 SC State, #4 William and Mary, and #3 Wofford. On 9/11/10, the Eagles came within a touchdown of upsetting the bowl-eligible Navy Midshipmen. With wins over hated rivals App State, Furman, and Wofford, coach Monken has cemented GSU's place as the class of the Southern Conference once again.

In addition to respecting the proud traditions of Eagle Football (yellow school buses, G.A.T.A., Beautiful Eagle Creek, and so on), Coach Monken has started a new one, by having his players sing the Alma Mater to the student section after games. The result: I now know that we have an Alma Mater. And it's awesome.

Why are we already attached to the ball coach??? For his inspirational pregame and halftime speeches:

And my personal favorite:

Coach Monken, a 13 year disciple of Paul Johnson, unites the GSU and GT contingent of BMBS, and he is not, I repeat, IS NOT Mark Richt.

For all of these reasons, I humbly submit my nomination for BMBS Man of the Year 2010 for Coach Jeff Monken.


Donnie said...


9 out of 10.

Ryan said...

Don't really care about Georgia Southern or Georgia Tech, but I can get behind this as a dig against Richt.

Michael said...

Monken rules, and is sorely missed on the GT sidelines this year.

HANK said...

At the fat-boy-offensive-line-camp back in 1999, I remember Monkin having us line up like SS Storm Troopers, slinging a Hile Hitler to make fun of some other assistant coach. Monkin then proceeded to tell a slew of racial jokes. He couldn't get away with that anywhere else nowadays.

Chris said...

Being a UGA fan as well, I had both angles in mind when I conceived of the nomination, Ryan.

Snuffy said...

I'll have to check with Donna, but I don't think that citation is in the correct MLA format.