Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snuffy's Nominee: George F. "Rick" Schwarz IV

In an earlier discussion on the future of the BMBS MOTY competition, I wrote that it is difficult to judge a candidate based soley on one calendar year. Rick Schwarz is the exception to that rule.

It did not take long for Rick to get rolling in 2010. In February, a hired hitman attempted to take him out during a night out in Buckhead. Rick was struck by a car travelling at an estimated 35 mph and lived to tell about it!

March is a special month for Rick, and for BMBS. After recovering from the attempt on his life, Rick landed a new job. Always eager to make a good first impression, Rick had to call in on his first day because he chose to attend the Celtic Cross ceremony in Savannah, and stay for the Reception and the Post-Reception Party. On Tuesday of that week, Rick showed up ready to work. However he had to infom his boss that afternoon that he had a death in his family and would be flying to Charlotte that night and not returning until Thursday. This was obviously a ruse to allow Rick the opportunity to get home for St. Patrick's Day, which was on Wednesday. When Rick did not show up on Thursday, it was evident that it would be beneficial for both Rick and the company to go their separate ways.

That one-month stretch from mid-February to mid-March is more than enough to prove that Rick is a worthy candidate for MOTY. Will the third time be the charm for Rick? You decide.


Donnie said...

Lincoln lost a few times before he was president too.

Gehen Sie George. Hinunter mit den KampfhÀhnen.

Snuffy said...

Same can be said for Harry Deal as Grand Marshal.

Patrick said...

That's just Part I.

Immediately following the car accident and the job loss, he stars in a TBS sitcom, rubbing elbows with Saved By the Bell cast members. A few weeks later, he's hired on a movie set and schmoozes with even bigger stars.

Hollywood Rick lasts until around April or May. Again hope seems lost but then he seduces a young brunette at East Andrews Bar one night.

The rest is history. Fast forward to the present: I'm at Churchill's Saturday night and it's Rick and 5 girls. All I have to do is sit back and wait for one to lean in and ask " do you know Rick?" We are all lucky just to ride on his coattails at this point.

Patrick said...

He also won the 2010 Pure Picks Baby championship. Should have included that as no one has ever captured 2 BC Blogosphere awards in the same year.

Barstool69 said...

he's had a "life changing" year. that's for sure.

PMac said...

Talk about a complete 180 from the beginning of the year to now.

Slic Ric said...

My 3rd nomination for this prestigious award is indeed an honor. I've had a pretty good year and I shall state my case over on OIA sometime over the weekend.