Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kudos to the Savannah City Council, for once.

The Savannah City Council has actually taken a few steps towards creating more freedoms for taxpayers, as opposed to taking away freedoms like the US Gov't.

Kudo #1 - Recently, the Georgia State Assembly lifted the ban on Sunday alcohol sales, although leaving the decision to enact it ultimately up to the local governments. The Savannah City Council, in their infinite wisdom, approved the sales and recently moved up the enactment date to December 18th (as Snuff Dog can probably attest to.) Thereby allowing the Savannah Irish Catholic community to continue their annual indulgence of Christmas Day alcohol without pesky blue laws getting in the way.

Kudo #2 - City Councilman, Tony Thomas, has gone on the offensive against the Darth Vader that is Comcast. As you may or may not know, Comcast has a legal monopoly in the form of a "contract" with the City to provide cable services. Other cable providers are not allowed in the city, which of course results in shitty service and high rates. I recently eliminated my Comcast service after my red headed roommate moved out. I'd rather not have the service at all and save $140 a month, than to deal with the crappy equipment and Comcast morons. Anyways, Tony Thomas opened up a flood gate of pissed off Savannahians. Tony has also called a review of it's contract with Comcast, and is open to the possibility of more competition. What a novel concept... competition has the possibility of magically improving Comcast's service and lower rates. Brilliant!

Will this advancement of Savannahian freedom persist? Probably not, especially with the recent election of another thug Mayor.


Snuffy said...

Re: Kudo #1 - Savannah and Tybee both voted to begin Sunday sales this past Sunday. However, unicorporated Chatham County (i.e. Wilmington Island) will have to wait until Jan. 1.

Re: Kudo #2 - Your cancellation of Comcast had nothing to do with their customer service and everything to do with your cheapness.

HANK said...

Response to Kudo #2 - Partly. If the service was kickass and the rate low enough, I would have kept Comcast.

More competition would move Comcast in that direction, which could then possibly come into my cheapness tolerance zone.