Sunday, December 18, 2011

Patrick's Nomination: Danny Britt

For turning BC football around seemingly overnight.  For laying a strong foundation for success in the coming years.  For giving BC fans a sense of hope they haven't had in over a decade, Danny Britt is 2011's Man of the Year.

Don't get me wrong; BC has had a few decent seasons ('05, '07, '09) recently.  But these always felt like one-offs, at least to me.  For the first time in a long time, I think if you polled the Cadet faithful, more people would say the entire program is moving in the right direction instead of the other way.  That hasn't been the case since about 2002 and it's a clear sign that something has changed.

BC has a decent shot at dominating in its new sub-region the next couple of years.  I've never really been a fan of playing in the lower classifications, but if you look at the AA playoffs this year, both Blessed Trinity (who narrowly squeaked past BC) and Westminster (who lost to Blessed Trinity) made it to the second round.  Given the increased strength and experience of our underclassmen, there's no reason BC can't get as far in '12.

BC has not yet reclaimed its spot as the city's top team, and probably won't for at least a couple more years.  The public schools (namely Windsor) have stepped up their game.  Calvary and obviously Christian are still top-notch programs.  But with Britt's hire, his attitude, and the immediate success that has come with it, you get the feeling that we're still happy we're not those other programs.  Britt's presence always seems to exude a desire to do things the right way, no matter what.  This approach is what has always separated BC from everyone else and we are lucky to have someone at the helm that represents and advertises those values for the school.

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